How to Channel Your Inner Supermodel and Strut Like Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow

How to Channel Your Inner Supermodel and Strut Like Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow


We’ve all wondered what it’s like to be a supermodel, walk the runway for a famous fashion designer, grace the covers of numerous magazines, wear the most luxurious accessories and clothing, and have legs that seem to go on for days. We think that we need to be extremely tall and skinny to fit the criteria, but in reality, we can be supermodels in our own ways and strut like the most coveted girls on and off the runway.

Take a cue from Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow. They’re the hottest supermodels today and are present on almost every magazine and exclusive event. More than being gorgeous and graceful, these two young women exude the very aura of class and elegance that every supermodel should have. They possess not only the physique of a supermodel, but also embody the attitude and confidence of one. Find out how you can adapt their inner traits with these handy tips so you can strut like a supermodel and make every place your runway:

1. Hold your head up high

One thing that is noticeable about supermodels is the way they handle themselves with confidence. They float on the catwalk with their heads up high, letting everyone know that they are aware of their hypnotizing confidence. They pose for the cameras and smile with a self-assured glint in their eyes. Like them, you should also place yourself on a high pedestal and not be shy of who you are. Embrace yourself and your confidence will shine through like a beacon.

2. Treat yourself with care and kindness

Supermodels don’t get flawless skin, a healthy body, and a sound mind by doing nothing. They take care of their own bodies and tend to their wellness both physically and mentally. Your body and mind are temples of peace and serve as your sanctuary. Treat them right by eating food that are good for you and exercise daily to get rid of the toxins and stress in your body. Have a pamper session with your girls over face masks and body scrubs. Remember that the things you do to your body also affect your mentality, so be kind to yourself.

3. Splurge on iconic pieces that won’t go out of style

Being a model doesn’t just mean wearing couture clothing. It also means staying fashionable off the catwalk even with just a shirt, a dress, or a sweater. Classic pieces that are flexible and iconic are Hailey and Winnie’s go-to apparel, and they always turn to one specific brand that gets their taste: Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger recently released a new line called Tommy Icons that features ultimate American classics which are reinvented for today’s fashionable, modern women. The collection consists of wardrobe standards like dresses, sweaters, T-shirts, girlfriend shirts, hoodies, and bottoms, but all were given the same Tommy Icon treatment to make every piece a statement. The garments are reminiscent of classic 90s colors paired with modern silhouettes to appeal to today’s style-conscious women.

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You don’t have to be 5-feet and six-inches tall to look and feel like a supermodel. Just remember to be confident, take care of yourself, and don a stylish outfit from Tommy Icons, and you can strut like Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow anywhere you go.

See all the clothes from Tommy Icon on Tommy Hilfiger’s website, or follow their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages

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