Surprise Your Loved Ones With These Healthy Holiday Picks

Surprise Your Loved Ones With These Healthy Holiday Picks


The holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year. However, all those organizing and gift giving can lead to a hectic schedule. For a stress-free experience, why not take a look at one of these carefully curated gift packages by leading all-natural products store Healthy Options?

With Joy To The World as their theme, this year’s gift packages from Healthy Options cater to every type of individual. See the choices for yourself below:


Gluten-Free Gift Box (P3995)

Are you gluten intolerant? Or simply more watchful of your carb intake? This selection of gluten free goodies ranges from crispy chips to chewy snacks.

Organic Gift Box (P3295)

Free from additives of GMOS, this package will help your loved on in mind commit to healthier eating habits.

Heart Smart Gift Box (2995)

These selection of snacks include veggie chips, nuts and granola that are low in sodium and low in sugar.

Merrymaker’s Gift Box (2995)

The holiday season is meant to awaken joy in the lives of your loved ones. These energizing, protein-packed snacks will help them get through the day feeling stronger.

Natural Beauty Gift Sets

In addition to this, Healthy Options also offers beauty gift sets, from their Derma-E Radiant Set (P595) for a natural glow to their Invigorating Gift Set (849), which will nourish and replenish your skin.

Do you wish you could mix and match to truly fit the person you had in mind? No need to fret–you can opt to customize your own gift  boxes as well.

For more information on their 2019 Christmas Gift Packages, follow Healthy Options on Instagram at @healthyoptionsph

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