How To Take The Best Beach Photos According To These Celebrities

How To Take The Best Beach Photos According To These Celebrities


Summer may come to an end soon, but luckily for the ones who love the sun, our country has beaches one can visit any time of the year. And since we’re more adept with social media than ever, you probably have this goal in mind: to take the perfect beach photo.
We’ve rounded up a few helpful tips (and celebrity photos to match!) for inspiration for your next beach trip:

1. Natural lighting is everything
When in doubt, you can turn to natural sunlight to bring out the best in your outfit and your features. A tip? Sunrise or sunset is great, since the light is low and looks almost golden.

2. Background is important
While it is important to show off your background when taking a beach pic, make sure that it features nothing too distracting or loud. A simple yet interesting location is perfect.

3.  Practice with your angles
Before you head out to take your beach photos, a good tip would be to practice in front of the mirror. Notice how the slightest movements can already make a huge difference. Practice is everything!

4. Enjoy!
Last but definitely not the least, don’t take your photos too seriously. Putting too much pressure on yourself to post the “perfect” photo would just take away the fun. Plus, people can tell if you’re trying to hard. So simply relax and unwind once you have photos you like—after all, a beach trip is meant to serve as a break.

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