Take The Production Of Your Dreams To Studio J 2.0

Take The Production Of Your Dreams To Studio J 2.0


With its state-of-the-art features and facilities, this studio is where you can capture the photos of your dreams.

A great thing always starts with nothing—case in point, a blank canvas for a great painting. From nothing, everything can arise. It takes a whole lot of creativity and resourcefulness to turn something into anything.

If you are looking for a place where you can turn your conceptual events, shoots, and productions into reality, then Studio J 2.0 is surely the place for you.

Where Did It Begin?

Studio J started out as an 82-square meter brainchild of two photographers—James Ona and Rossini Calabig, a corporate and portraits photographer and a sports and events photographer, respectively.

Because of their clients’ needs as well as to bring bigger events inside the studio, they decided to expand it.

Thus, the rebirth of Studio J 2.0.

What’s Inside?

Studio J 2.0 can be your one-stop-studio for your multimedia production needs. With its 297-square meter floor area and 14.5 feet lighting grid ceiling, it features a big makeup room, wardrobe and dressing room, comfort rooms, concept areas, and a dining and kitchen area. Plus, the brick wall design adds attitude to the whole ambiance of the place, giving a New York City studio vibe with it.

Besides the brick wall design, you can switch it to the green and white cyclorama walls for a plain backdrop or a green screen moment.

Lighting is a must for any shoot, and Studio J 2.0 has you covered with their equipment: 2 Nanlite Forza 720; 3 pieces each of the Nanlite FS 200 and the Nanlite FS 300; 4 Rimelite Strobes; 4 Godox Battery Operated Strobe Lights; and other light modifiers.

The whole studio is also fully air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi access for a fuss and worry-free shoot all day! No need to stress about finding parking spaces, too, because Studio J 2.0 also offers one for 10 to 15 vehicles, as well as an outdoor garden area.

In addition to its features, the studio provides a 12 ft. scaffolding and a 12 ft. by 12 ft. main entrance.

Here are some shoots and productions that took place at Studio J 2.0:

Studio J 2.0 is located at Communication Foundation for Asia, Old Sta. Mesa, Manila. A whole-day rent starts at PHP 25,000. For inquiries, you may contact James Ona at 09772196910. Visit their page on Facebook.

Photos by James Ona

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