Taylor Swift Tracks to Listen for Every Kathryn Bernardo Film Character

Taylor Swift Tracks to Listen for Every Kathryn Bernardo Film Character


Besides Kathryn Bernardo, her characters can sing along to the Chairman of the Tortured Poets Department, too

After more than 240 songs and counting, there is bound to be at least one Taylor Swift song that can resonate with you. Count Kathryn Bernardo, our resident Swiftie, in when it comes to singing along and relating to not just a single track, for sure. In fact, given Miss Americana’s strong storytelling and the blockbuster superstar’s numerous roles, we’ve found a few song matches for the stories of the actress’ past characters. So, whether you’re a Kathcake, Swiftie, or a fangirl of both, check out these recommendations for your favorite film characters portrayed by the actress

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Kathryn at the Eras Tour in Melbourne; Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

The best friend: Patchot from Must Be Love

First, it’s that slow but sure recognition that your dynamics shifted. You tell yourself it’s just an overwhelming feeling of realizing you’re lucky to find a great friend. Then, your stomach starts twisting when you see them with someone else. That’s right, you’re now in Patchot’s shoes from the 2013 film Must Be Love. Finding yourself in her shoes? Maybe “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” and “You Belong With Me” are part of your secret playlist for your dear friend. 

The great love: Athena from She’s Dating the Gangster

Once in a while, you meet someone who changes you. They may not be the love you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life, but their impact goes beyond time’s hands. That’s Athena from She’s Dating the Gangster. It takes courage to love, but even a greater one to retreat—a lesson she’s learned through her time with Kenji. For people like her who are truly a catch, listen to “Treacherous” and “Wildest Dreams.” 

The healing child: Jackie from Crazy Beautiful You

While this is a KathNiel romcom film, let’s not discount the fact that it also highlighted other themes such as relationships with one’s family and community. In Kathryn’s character, Jackie, she has gone “crazy” because of still reeling from her difficult relationship with her mother. But there’s nothing like a good conversation and empathy can’t patch. If you can resonate with the actress’ role, we have two songs for you—“Holy Ground” and “right where you left me.”

The maturing adult: Mia from Barcelona: A Love Untold

“Anti-Hero” and “cardigan” are two songs for someone like Mia who’s getting the hang of finding her place in the world and in the lives of those she deems important to her. As the protagonist learns to be accountable for her own actions, so do the people around her. The two songs, in a way, capture accountability on different sides of the story. 

The honest bride: Gab from Can’t Help Falling in Love

Kathryn’s bride-to-be role as Gab in Can’t Help Falling in Love was a test of honesty and commitment—not just to her groom-to-be, but more so to herself. In comes Dos, who makes her see that the truth can be uncomfortable and at times selfish, yet freeing. Feeling like Gab? Time to add “champagne problems,” “Begin Again,” and “ivy” to your playlist. 

The family keeper: Tin from Three Words to Forever

From her young adult angst as Jackie, the actress matured into another child role as she played Tin in her film with veteran actors Richard Gomez and Sharon Cuneta. Growing up in a family where problems tend to be swept under the rug, there were things that they all had to tolerate for the sake of a happy family. Is a certain word ringing a bell to you? Well, if you find yourself relating to Tin, maybe “tolerate it” and “Never Grow Up” are for you. 

The jaded better half: George from The Hows of Us

Quoted from time to time for the way she uttered “Pagod na pagod na ako,” Kathryn affected all of us as George from the blockbuster movie, The Hows of Us. In her journey to finding forgiveness and remembering her passion, she made us relate to her for the way we could give so much to others, only to leave so little for ourselves. Giving up doesn’t just happen in one go; but when it’s time, you’d know. Both George and Taylor had to face this music, and you can, too, with “it’s time to go” and “You’re Losing Me.” 

The determined dreamer: Joy from Hello, Love, Goodbye

From one blockbuster to another, the 2019 film Hello, Love, Goodbye strengthened the case of Kathryn as a serious and bankable actress. Her character, Joy, gave us a closer glimpse of what it’s like to be a breadwinner abroad where you have to swallow your pride and go to work. When she crosses paths with Ethan, she realizes that allowing herself to be loved gives her more courage to pursue her dreams. For the dreamers and doers like Joy, should “You’re On Your Own, Kid” and “Midnight Rain” be part of your life’s soundtrack?

The scorned woman: Philo from A Very Good Girl

From kohl-lining her eyes to choosing her next outfit before she takes her revenge plan into action, Philo must have had the songs “Look What You Made Me Do” and “mad woman” on loop. No one goes through some drastic change without reason, and if you were in Philo’s shoes, maybe you’d do the same. As a lady gone mad to seek justice, Philo can easily answer “You made her like that” to those who would ask. 

Featured Image: KATHRYN BERNARDO and TAYLOR SWIFT (via Instagram)

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