Beauty Champion: The Aivee Clinic Wins Big at the 2023 Merz Aesthetics® Tala Awards

Beauty Champion: The Aivee Clinic Wins Big at the 2023 Merz Aesthetics® Tala Awards


In recognizing the outstanding achievements of Merz Aesthetics®Philippines’ partner dermatologists and beauty clinics, The Aivee Clinic remains at the forefront of the industry with multiple wins

The climb to the top of the hierarchy can be difficult, but what’s even more challenging is keeping your place among the best and the brightest. Helmed by Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z’Shen Teo, The Aivee Clinic’s passion, innovation, and dedication position them as one of the leading brands worldwide, ultimately continuously proving themselves worthy of the Tala Awards, given by the prestigious pioneer behind Ultherapy®and other innovative products, Merz Aesthetics®.

The Tala Awards is Merz Aesthetics®’ annual celebration of recognizing their partner dermatologists and beauty clinics for their outstanding services and contributions to aesthetics. To further put a spotlight on the people behind the beauty landscape, dermatologists, practitioners, and medical partners all came together last October 5 at Shangri La Hotel, the Fort, Manila, for an unforgettable night of festivity.

Confidence to bloom

Yassi Pressman, Aivee Clinic Brand Ambassador
Yassi Pressman with Dr. Aivee Teo at the Tala Awards

With a “Confidence to Bloom” theme, the event became a paradise of vibrant, blooming flowers from the bridgeway leading to the main ballroom. Not missing the chance to showcase her modern take on the Filipiniana for the night’s attire, Dr. Aivee Teo donned a sleeveless floor-length dress with a floral sheer cover-up top. Completing her look with an updo hairstyle and side-swept bangs, Dr. Aivee was a sight to behold. Her husband, Dr. Z, matched her signature looks with his patterned barong and some cool shades to add a refreshing flair to his fit. 

The Aivee brand’s married couple were joined and supported by actress Yassi Pressman, social media personality and entrepreneur Cat Arambulo-Antonio, multi-hyphenate Ferdi Salvador, and of course, their Aivee doctors and managers. 

Shining like the stars

The program, hosted by Issa Litton, was made to honor industry doctors. Merz Aesthetics® Asia Pacific’s Associate Vice President for Regional Commercial, Mr. Raymond Ong, took to the stage to express his gratitude. “Your success is our success, [and] that’s why we want to continue flourishing together.”

Aivee Clinic winning the overall 7-star Tala award
The Aivee Clinic wins the Overall 7-Star Tala award

Similar to flowers, beauty is in all of us, no matter the size, color or shape. When flowers are tended to, it will bloom, no matter how many weeds surround it. With the skilled hands of beauty experts, such as The Aivee Clinic’s founding couple, the confidence to bloom is one treatment away. 

Merz Asia Pacific representatives with brand ambassador Yassi Pressman and Dr. Z and Aivee Teo
Merz Asia Pacific Regional Associate Vice President, Regional Commercial, Raymond Ong, Yassi Pressman, Dr. Z Teo, Dr. Aivee Teo, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Ferdie Salvador, and Vanguard Aesthetics CEO Ryan Ng

For another year of stellar performance, The Aivee Clinic took home the highest and most prestigious Overall 7-Star award given by Merz Asia Pacific Regional Associate Vice President, Regional Commercial, Raymond Ong and Vanguard Aesthetics Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Ng.

“The recipient of this award is a commercial leader in the Philippine aesthetics industry. We are happy that together with Merz Aesthetics, they have helped empower countless Filipinos to discover the confidence to be and the confidence to bloom,” Vanguard Aesthetics’ Chief Executive Officer Ryan Ng said. 

With their exceptional performance, The Aivee Clinic swept a total of 6 awards for the night. Aside from the Overall 7-Star Award, Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo also won the 7- Star Ultherapy® Transducer Award, 7-Star Merz Pure Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Award, 7-Star Merz Easy Adapt Hyaluronic Acid Filler Award, 5-Star for Ultherapy® Control Unit Award and a 3-Star Merz Versatile CaHa Filler Award for the night.

The power of a common goal

Dr. Z and Aivee Teo sharing a look of happiness with their awards
Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo share a look of love and happiness with their awards

“May you always inspire Filipinos to be the grandest, fullest, and most beautiful version of themselves,” Vanguard Aesthetics’ Chief Executive Officer Ryan Ng imparted to The Aivee Clinic. 

The Aivee power duo graciously accepted the awards, honored, humbled, and grateful for the recognition, especially after receiving the 7 Star Tala Award for over 10 consecutive years.

“This award represents the relentless pursuit of excellence, the efforts and unwavering commitment of not just one, but of an entire team that tries day in and day out to achieve a common goal. It reminds us that consistency, perseverance, and a passion for what we do can yield remarkable results,” Dr. Aivee shared, looking radiant on stage with a bright smile. “This recognition would not have been possible without the support and dedication of every member of our organization: our hard-working doctors, nurses, managers, staff, and everybody on the team.”

Aivee Clinic declared a beauty champion in the 2023 Tala Awards
The Aivee Clinic had proven themselves to be beauty champions once again

Dr. Aivee stood on the podium with great pride, representing the entire group. She highlighted the importance of collaboration and teamwork, where collective intelligence, shared goals, and a work culture that encourages everyone to excel and contribute can make a difference. 

Additionally, Dr. Aivee Teo mentioned how the award “represents our ability to adapt, innovate, and bring consistency in our field,” acknowledging the importance of the “willingness to embrace change and seek opportunities for growth even in the face of challenges.”

Once again, The Aivee Clinic had proven themselves to be a champion of beauty, excellence, and commitment. 

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