The Beauty Looks Explained: Jessica Yang’s MEGAStyle Cover

The Beauty Looks Explained: Jessica Yang’s MEGAStyle Cover


Jessica Yang is a vision in six unique beauty looks that redefine who MEGAStyle is. Take a look into the direction inspiration behind our newest cover.

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When a group of people share a vision, it’s obvious. That’s how you get six layouts done in a day. Since the conceptualization of the cover, the MEGAStyle team was in full support of each other’s ideas. This resulted into a cohesive visual storyline that taps into each element of the look. That’s why the team has made sure that all things from the neck up were in-line with the direction of the shoot. Beauty inspiration from runway shows, TV characters, music videos, and even online personalities was what kept the cover real. And that’s what makes this our fiercest cover yet.

Oh, Natural

Rubbed, raw, and reeling is the inspiration for the first beauty look. Cover girl, Jessica Yang, is effortlessly beautiful with and without makeup. Through a minimalist POV, our vision was to bring out the reality of beauty. Messy hair, a few swipes of makeup, and a personality that oozes quiet confidence.

Old World Fantasy

We were thinking: Fallon Carrington. She’s young. She’s powerful. And, she’s the boss. There’s nothing more befitting to a powerful lady than eyebrows that don’t care about beauty norms. Apart from this, hair stylist, Renz Pangilinan, fulfilled Jess’ fantasy hair goals by placing extensions down to her waist.


MEGAStyle is not afraid to take risks and the clearly showed in this beauty layout. Many may shy away from micro bangs, bleached eyebrows, and a dark lip, but not Jess. She allowed herself to be transformed completely, as Anjelica Huston did when she played Morticia Addams.

Blooming Still

We’ve got a winner, baby. Jess stuns in a look inspired by both entrancing flora and gorgeous beauty queens. The shape of the look screams bombshell, but the colors are fun and feminine at its core. MEGAStyle can be two things at once. She is her own person and should be unapologetic with her beauty choices.


Opulence, you own everything—and she does. We decked Jess out with jewels, jewels, and more jewels. In some way, the beauty direction for this look was a tongue-in-cheek version of reality. She had the beehive, the glasses, and the cat eye channeling the larger-than-life of personalities such as Juno Birch, but it was balanced out to create a unique yet familiar style. 


It’s not weird, it’s extraordinary. As MEGAStyle brokers new frontiers, we pay homage to our former selves. This is seen through the bowl cut and the experimental take on the make-up. There was nothing really wrong trying things that no one understood. Being the odd one out is what makes your journey special.

Creative Direction JEB FRONDA
Assisted by MIKA REYES

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