The Beauty Profile: Anji Salvacion On What Beauty Means To Her

The Beauty Profile: Anji Salvacion On What Beauty Means To Her


In an exclusive MEGA interview, Anji Salvacion opens up about growth, beauty, and her newfound mission of sharing the message of self-love

Anji Salvacion might have made her mark as a rising artist, but she is more than what meets the eye. “Growing up in Siargao Island, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an artist,” she reminisced. “But when I realized I could use my craft to help my family, I was motivated to pursue my dreams. I’m so lucky to have the support of my family. With their love and encouragement, I’m sure I can get through any obstacle that comes my way.”

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Anji Salvacion

The Beauty Profile focuses on unique definitions of beauty and the everyday routines of inspiring personalities. This series presents honest and intimate conversations about one’s character, passions, and relationship with beauty — a space made for novices and enthusiasts alike.

For this special edition, we are spotlighting singer and actress Anji Salvacion. In an exclusive MEGA interview, we discover her definition of beauty, her best-kept beauty practices, and her growth as an artist. 

Meet Anji

Long before the world met Anji Salvacion, Angie Kristine Allen Salvacion Gorbulev was just a girl with big dreams. “I remember the first time I realized that I loved singing,” she smiled as she recalled her favorite core memory. “I was five years old, and I was singing an offering song at a church convention. The song really moved me, and I knew that music was a part of who I am today. Since then, music has been half of my identity, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities it has given me.” 

Anji Salvacion

Apart from her music career, her determination and perseverance eventually landed her a spot on big reality shows and films. “Acting taught me so many life lessons that I carry with me today,” she expressed. “It’s incredibly humbling to show true feelings in a scene. It taught me that my vulnerable points in life are my strongest, not my weakest. I’m so thankful for the knowledge and experiences that I’ve gained through music and acting.”

It’s no secret that the young star is living a busy life. But what does her life look like outside of work? Peaceful. “Living a simple life and taking care of myself is what I’m about when I’m off-cam,” she shared. “From hitting the gym and making sure to hit 10,000 steps each time to visiting the clinic for facial and skin care and taking some time to enjoy the little things like reading, listening to music, and playing the guitar or ukulele, it’s all about balance.” 

On her beauty perspective

There are a lot of things to admire about the young star. However, it’s her overall attitude, positive mindset, and beauty perspective that make her a true standout. “For me, beauty isn’t just about looking perfect on the outside. It’s about loving and embracing the imperfections and flaws that make us unique,” she detailed. “My career has only strengthened my appreciation for the beauty. I’ve learned that lies within us all and has allowed me to spread the message of self-love and acceptance.” 

Anji Salvacion

And when does she feel the most beautiful and confident? “When I’m surrounded by the people who love and accept me for who I am,” she candidly shared. “I feel so beautiful and confident! It’s an incredible feeling to know that I can be myself without worrying about judgment or what others think. Life is too short to not embrace who you are and be surrounded by people who appreciate and value you just the way you are.”

On her relationship with beauty

It is known that celebrities receive a lot of pressure and a double standard from the public eye. Anji Salvacion would agree. In fact, she’s not exempted from receiving body criticism. “There is one in particular who was criticizing my body. Moreover, that person also told me that I have no place in the showbiz industry. She even told me to go back to where I belonged,” she candidly shared. 

Anji Salvacion

However, what is truly admirable about the young star is how she chooses to handle it with love than anger.  “No matter how harsh the comments were, I chose to ignore them. I just want to focus on what matters: my journey,” she said. “I believe that I have a place in the showbiz industry, and I’m not backing down. No amount of negative comments can bring me down. I will continue to stay strong and believe in myself.” 

Perhaps one can credit her upbringing. “I am so blessed to be surrounded by an incredible family who taught me that true beauty comes from within. They showed me the importance of loving and respecting ourselves. Apart from that, they also thought me to stay true to our core roots,” she recalled. “As a result, I never once felt any insecurities in my life. Even up to this day, I am filled with a sense of self-love and confidence that is unshakable and that I will be forever grateful for.” 

Let us all remember that it is never too late to start loving ourselves and embrace our true beauty. 

On her beauty routine 

Anji Salvacion is a true beauty girl. “My beauty and skincare routine is something I take very seriously. It relaxes me and helps me start my day with a positive attitude,” she expressed. “From washing my face to cleaning it with toner. Down to applying facial creams, primers, and moisturizers. I make sure to take the time to take care of my skin.” 

Anji Salvacion

She added, “I even take the time to groom my brows and perfect my siren eye look. I never skipped setting my foundation with translucent powder and finishing it all off with dramatic lipstick. It might take me a while to do, but it’s all worth it. Elsewhere, if there is something I’ll never forget to do is to wear sunscreen.” 

Of course, it is an unspoken rule that every beauty enthusiast has that one product that can certainly boost confidence. As for Anji? A swipe of nude coral lipstick. “It has such a positive effect on my confidence. It was like a little reminder of my worth and potential, and I feel so empowered.” 

On her beauty and creative philosophy 

As we close our conversation, the artist reflected on the beauty lesson she wants her fans to learn from her. “I want them to understand that beauty is more than just a pretty face,” she began.”It’s about loving and embracing oneself, because when you do that, your inner beauty radiates from within, making your outer beauty look even more beautiful. So, when you start to feel beautiful, it radiates to the world around you, and you become a source of positivity and joy.” 

Anji Salvacion

Salvacion also did not miss sharing a heartfelt message for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams. “Sometimes, the path to our dreams may seem unclear, and the journey may require us to take some risks,” she expressed. “But with hard work, perseverance, and faith in God, we can bring justice to our ambitions in life and make our wildest dreams come true. No matter the obstacles we may face, we must never lose sight of our goals and have faith that God will guide us through the journey.”

Photos: ANJI SALVACION (via Instagram)

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