5 Essentials For Long-Lasting Makeup Whether It Rains or Shines

5 Essentials For Long-Lasting Makeup Whether It Rains or Shines


The weather can be unpredictable during this season. To ensure that your look is locked and ready all day, incorporate these weather-resistant beauty necessities into your regimen

It’s officially stormy season once again. Yet, given how frequently our temperature changes abruptly, we can’t be entirely certain. You can have a significant downpour in the morning, but the sun will come out again after a few hours, making it more difficult to plan your daily beauty routine. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of beauty must-haves to lock in your makeup that can withstand weather changes.

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Y.O.U. Beauty Sunscreen

Y.O.U. Beauty Sunbrella Series
Y.O.U. Beauty Sunbrella Series—the perfect sunscreen for all skin types

Y.O.U. Beauty is a brand that is aware that due to our climate, Asians, particularly those from Southeast Asia, are prone to acne and oiliness. With these conditions in mind, they developed a skincare range for those with oily, combination, and sensitive skin. One of these is the Y.O.U. Beauty Sunbrella Series—four sunscreen varieties, each having a unique purpose. 

If your skin is oily to normal, you can choose the Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen or Airy Outdoor Sunscreen Spray. On normal to dry skin, the latter is also effective; as a substitute, you can use Tone Up UV Elixir Sunscreen. Then for those with a dry to sensitive skin type, Intensive Care Aqua Sunscreen is the best choice. 

Even on overcast day, we recommend to always apply sunscreen since clouds can only filter a small amout of UV rays. So, even if it’s overcast or raining, UV rays can still reach your skin and cause damage.

Maybelline Super Stay Lumi Matte Foundation

Maybelline Super Stay Lumi Matte Foundation
Maybelline Super Stay Lumi Matte Foundation—a lightweight foundation that feels as if you are not wearing anything on your skin

Along with wearing sunscreen that suits your skin type, use a lightweight, summer-proof, and waterproof foundation for those unforeseen weather fluctuations. The best foundation that fits this definition? It’s the Maybelline Super Stay Lumi Matte Foundation.

Made with light-wear technology, its formula is extremely breathable, lightweight, and ensures comfortable wear throughout the day. A small amount goes a long way and it leaves the skin with a matte finish with a subtle, diffused glow, making it suitable for unpredicatable weather since it won’t leave you looking too oily or too dry. The best part? There are 12 shades available, ranging from light tones to grounded neutrals and rich morena tones.

Lucky Beauty Skin Blur Powder Foundation

Lucky Beauty Skin Blur Powder Foundation
Lucky Beauty Skin Blur Powder Foundation—a go-to powder foundation for blurring blemishes

After blending in your foundation, it’s important to set it so it won’t move or slide off your skin. One powder foundation that changed the local public’s perception of powdered foundation is Lucky Beauty. It’s Skin Blur Powder Foundation produces a smooth, velvety feel that fulfills its medium-to-full coverage promise of blurring blemishes without clogging the pores. It allows an even and easy application that lasts all day long, perfect for locking in your makeup either for summer humidity or for gloomy days. 

Issy & Co Gelée Moisturizing Lip Tint

Issy & Co Gelée Lip Tint
Keep your lips hydrated with Issy & Co Moisturizing Gelée Lip Tint

Want a long-lasting lip product that will last all day but won’t dry out your lips? We recommend Issy’s Gelée Lip Tint that offers color pay-off, longer wear, less reapplication, and doesn’t transfer as easily as lipstick or lip gloss. It leaves the lips juicy and supple and unlike most stains it doesn’t seep into creases to avoid looking patchy.

One Size Waterproof Setting Spray

One Size On 'Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray
Give your makeup the strongest hold it needs with One Size On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray

For setting and finishing touches, use the One Size On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray. This setting spray has the strongest hold and a matte finish that lasts all day, and the best part is that it’s waterproof. So it will hold your makeup even if you go swimming or get wet from the rain.

To attain that everyday gorgeous glam whether it rains or shines, make sure to invest in these weather-resistant beauty essentials that promise quality and longevity even during a season of abrupt weather differences.

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