Ask the Experts: The Beginner’s Guide to Hair Extensions

Ask the Experts: The Beginner’s Guide to Hair Extensions


In this MEGA exclusive, Jhen Maningas Hizon and Denise Aquino reveal all the details about hair extensions

It’s no secret that a drastic cut and a dye job is the age-old answer to the never-ending hairstyle rut. But there is another intriguing category that is left unexplored. Case in point? Hair extensions. The transformative edit creates an opportunity to be a little extra. Think Kathryn Bernardo, Barbie Imperial, and Kylie Verzosa—these personalities have fronted the beauty headlines with their instant waist-grazing waves, yet the question remains: what are hair extensions? 

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Let’s be real—the current conversation about hair extensions most likely focuses on where to get one and the rest are blank. Let’s change that. Experts Jhen Maningas Hizon of Jhen Hair Extensions Salon and Denise Aquino of Tokyo Posh detailed everything a beauty fan must know about the celebrity-approved hair category, giving everyone a quick guide to hair extensions.

Who can get hair extensions?

“There are multiple reasons why clients want their hair extensions done,” Jhen Maningas Hizon explained. “Some are for special occasions, [and] some need it for their hair problems. It all comes down to them needing a confidence boost. More so, we are always here to help them.” It’s a point of view that resonates well with Denise Aquino. “The common denominator is that our clients want to feel happier and confident through hair.” 

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So, who can get hair extensions? ”From thin hair to short hair, anyone can have hair extensions,” Jhen clarified. And while the hair edit is open for any length or condition, Denise still advises enthusiasts to consult with experts to better assess what kind of extensions and methods best suits their current hair status. 

What are the best kinds of hair extensions? 

One of the most important factors to consider is the decision between human or synthetic hair extensions. It can be daunting but fret not. Denise detailed how one can choose between both. “If you’re the type who loves fixing your hair and has knowledge of styling, then human hair extensions are perfect for you,” she began. “But if you want a quick fix and something instant that you just attach, then the synthetic option is an ideal pick. It usually comes in different styles and lengths. No need to iron or curl—just clip and go.” 

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Another foundation of hair extension choices is deciding on how to secure the locks into place. As for beginners, it is recommended to go for options like clip-ons or tape-ins. “Tokyo Posh only offers Hairtalk Extensions, the pioneer tape-adhesive extensions global brand,” Denise shared. “It’s the fastest, safest, and most seamless kind of extension. Even our clients for more than 10 years are happy to say that their real hair remains healthy and strong. And the best part? It only takes an hour to attach.”

Meanwhile, Jhen offers different fastening methods, including wefts and knots, but a popular pick is the Korean string method that has sew-in weaves where the extensions are attached to the braids. Both processes take around two to three hours to accomplish and can be dyed and styled as one desires. “While all of these types share the same goal of giving us fuller and longer hair, there are pros and cons to each method,” the hair specialist cautioned. “Take note that all of these methods are good if properly done.” 

What is the best aftercare? 

Committing to a proper aftercare routine is a non-negotiable for every hair extension enthusiast. As for Jhen, adopting healthy hair habits can help maintain the condition of the weaves for longer. “We always remind our clients of these three things: Always brush your hair to prevent tangling, dry your hair thoroughly, [and] take note that wet or damp hair will cause friction and will lead to tangled hair,” she said. “Lastly, if you’re going for a swim, apply conditioner to prevent tangling. Salt or pool water will remove natural oils in our hair that can lead to tangled hair if you have hair extensions.” 

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Denise added, “It is advised to tie your hair in a ponytail or braid before going to bed. Avoid sleeping with wet hair or even covering the head with a towel for long periods of time.” As we continue the conversation, she also mentioned that it is also best to practice proper washing practices. Only apply a small amount of shampoo on top of the head. Meanwhile, products like treatments and conditioners should only be applied at the ends of the hair. 

Our point of view 

hair extensions

It’s no secret that a dramatic chop like a chic bob can evoke so much empowerment in its wearer. But in a recent conversation with fellow beauty girl Chin Obiedo, we can’t help but fawn over the confidence that long and voluminous hair can give to anyone. We thought that perhaps it’s truly the comfort blanket of hairstyles or it’s where we feel our hyper-femininity best. Whatever it is, if there is one thing that we’ve learned about hair extensions is that it also gives someone an opportunity to start anew. May it be from heartbreak, a bad haircut, or health recovery, it’s one transformative category that can definitely make anyone feel great about themselves again. 


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