The Best Beauty Advice We Learned From Our Mothers

The Best Beauty Advice We Learned From Our Mothers


There is no denying that our mothers know best. Whether it be in the form of dating tips or teaching us a new recipe in the kitchen, we know that we can always lean on them for their nuggets of wisdom.

In addition to this, it seems that our mothers also have another area of expertise: beauty and wellness. This Mother’s Day, we got in touch with some of the industry’s most beautiful to share with us the best beauty advice they received from the most important woman in their lives.

Divine Lee

Divine Lee, who is now pregnant with her second child, learned from her mother the importance of a proper skincare routine. “My mom always taught me that prevention is better than cure. She invested heavily on skincare and would take a lot of time with her beauty routine. I proved this to be true when I saw her once with friends her age. She looked half their age!” she says. “Another worthy advice is always white sheets—so you have no choice but to never sleep with makeup on,” Divine adds.

MEGA | The Best Beauty Advice We Learned From Our Mothers

Jackie Lou Blanco

Mother, actress and fitness enthusiast Jackie Lou Blanco says that a positive outlook is everything. This is something she learned from her mother, the iconic Pilita Corrales. “The best beauty advice my mom gave me is to have a positive outlook in life—to smile and always be hopeful and grateful. What you feel inside will always radiate on the outside. For the physical part, it’s to get good sleep, drink lots of water, and to not apply too much face creams. The simpler, the better,” she shares.

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

Sometimes mothers are there to help balance you out. This was the case for entrepreneur Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, who is behind cult favorite beauty brand Happy Skin. “I’m a perfectionist—it’s my best and worst trait. So growing up, my mom [Millet Mananquil, Associate Editor and Lifestyle Editor of the Philippine Star] would always tell me, ‘Stop worrying about the things you can’t change and focus on the ones that you can.’ So I’ve learned to let go of the little things and focus on the people and ideas that are meaningful and worth my time. Peace of mind and pursuing what’s most important to you are some of the best beauty secrets to happiness.”

Nikki Duque

Since making the decision to follow the footsteps of her mother Cristine Duque, one would think that makeup artist Nikki Duque would like to avoid the inevitable comparisons. Instead, she feels that interning under her mother gave her an edge. Of all the things her mom has taught her, the piece of advice that has stayed with her happens to be the most simple and straight to the point: “My mother always told me to make time for self care—drink lots of water, exercise, and always use sunblock.”

Cristalle Belo

Seeing mother and daughter Vicki and Cristalle Belo together would already tell you how close the two are. Cristalle shares one of the most important things she has learned from the woman she looks up to: “Although my mom has all the latest technology and machines at her disposal, I would say that the best beauty secret she taught me is to always have joy in your heart. Joy means having peace, knowing that you are important and loved in God’s eyes. She tells me this is different from happiness, which comes from fleeting external sources. If you have joy, this automatically radiates from inside to outside, infecting others with a positive attitude. This makes the world a much more beautiful place to live in!”

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