The Best Chanel Perfume For You According To Your Love Language

The Best Chanel Perfume For You According To Your Love Language


Are you a Chanel N°5 type of lady or is your love language leaning towards Coco Mademoiselle? Find out which Chanel perfume is perfect for you.

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Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel started many of fashion’s iconic pieces today. She created the beloved Chanel suit, reinvented quilted purses, and popularized the little black dress. Aside from the fashionable endeavors she had, the founder of the house of Chanel was also interested in creating timeless fragrances. In 1921, Chanel launched the coveted Chanel N°5. Needless to say, it changed the world of fragrance.

Since then, Chanel has produced a number of equally radical bottles of Parfum. During their years, Coco Chanel and Ernest Beaux created four more best-selling fragrances, namely: Chanel N°22, Cuir de Russie, Gardénia and Bois des Îles. After which, the Chanel team continued the legacy with Coco Mademoiselle, Chance Eau Tender, and the newly released N°1 de CHANEL.

They say that the connection between scent and love is essential to creating meaningful connections. More often than not, mood is demonstrably affected by scent. Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, why not match your scent to the way you love with Chanel’s iconic perfumes? We’ve got the low down on which bottle suits your Love Language the best.

Physical Touch – Gabrielle Chanel Essence
Aside from being a genius in her craft, Mademoiselle Chanel was also in touch with her physical senses. She was striking, bold, and unafraid to show her true feelings towards certain matters. The Gabrielle Chanel Essence is the perfect fragrance for someone who fearlessly loves through physical touch.

Words of Affirmation – Chance Eau Tender
Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel once said, “A chance came up, I seized it.” Those with the Love Language of words of affirmation know the importance of telling the ones you love that you care. The Chance Eau Tender fragrance is a soft, radiant, and warm smell that can allow anyone to open up to each other.

Quality Time – N°1 de Chanel
The new N°1 de Chanel focuses on time– more specifically, the preservation of it. The slogan of the perfume is Beauty Ahead of Time. The fragrance is not only a perfume, but it is also a beauty product. Chanel knows the importance of time, thus they created a bottle that creates more of it literally and figuratively.

Gifts – Chanel N°5
The iconic Chanel N°5 belongs to those who’s Love Language is gift giving. The brand’s best-selling fragrance has the most options for packaging and design. For someone who loves giving and receiving gifts, it would be an absolute treat to receive a one of a kind bottle of a signature scent. That’s why the Chanel N°5 is for you.

Acts of Service – Boy Chanel
Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel is known to be one of the first to wear men’s clothing. She loved it because of the mobility the clothing gave. She was a hands on type of woman and loved working on projects for Chanel. Thus, they created the Boy Chanel in honor of women who are just as hard working as the founder.

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