The Best Fitness Essentials of 2023 For an Active Lifestyle

The Best Fitness Essentials of 2023 For an Active Lifestyle


To be perfectly clear, there are no requirements for an active lifestyle. All you will ever need is yourself and the determination to be physically active every day. And yet, we can’t deny that certain products and services are necessary to maintain an active lifestyle, especially if you want your daily dose of activity to be fun and fulfilling. If you’re entrenched in the fitness community online or in person, you’ll have heard a million different opinions—here’s ours.

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From Recess

Recess is a local favorite for a reason. For athleisure days, our go-to’s are the Free Form Dress in the daisy pattern and the lilac Pocket Pouch. Meanwhile, for cozy at-home exercises, you can’t go wrong with their new Chill Pill Mat. We also have our eyes on their new Racquet Club entries for on-court styles.

active lifestyle must-haves
Photo: RECESS (via Instagram)

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From Lululemon

Lululemon is a brand that’s made its mark on the global fitness community for its wide array of quality-made products. Our particular favorites from this brand are the Energy Longline Ribbed Bra Luxtreme, Swiftly Tech High-Rise Skirt, and License to Train Wide Headband. These combined make for a good day on the tennis court!

active lifestyle must-haves
Photo: LULULEMON (via Instagram)

From SHAPE Active

Another Filipino brand worth mentioning is SHAPE Active. The shapely activewear from them we always go back to is the Frame Leggings Set, which is a square neck sports bra and leggings duo with great compression and reliable support for cardio workouts.

active lifestyle must-haves
Photo: SHAPE ACTIVE (via Instagram)

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From New Balance

As a well-established brand, New Balance continues to maintain its relevance across generations through its quality and timeless designs, particularly in the shoe department. One primary example is the ever-in-demand 530 lifestyle shoes. You can complete the look with the Wellness Crew Socks for a comfortable yet supported experience at the gym.

New Balance Lifestyle
Photo: NEW BALANCE LIFESTYLE (via Instagram)

From Stanley

When Stanley says it’s built for life, it’s built for life. Since its vacuum-insulated drinkware is some of the best in the market, we suggest you get your hands on one, specifically the Stanley Adventure Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Insulated Tumbler. Buying the largest size also helps us to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Stanley tumbler
Photo: STANLEY (via Instagram)

From Huawei

Smartwatches to track your health and fitness aren’t reserved for just pro-athlete types or people with medical conditions. If you want to try your hand at these kinds of products, the latest HUAWEI Band 8 is a good and affordable place to start with its real-time heart rate monitoring capabilities. It pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones, and can also track your sleep, fitness, and stress levels.

Photo: HUAWEI (via website)

From Vida Yoga

Last but not least, we consider attendance at a fitness class a must for anyone struggling to begin or maintain an active lifestyle. Yoga is a particularly good place to start since it has both physical and emotional benefits. For a specific studio, we recommend Vida Yoga, which just opened its branch in BGC this year. They have plenty of class options to choose from, but the 60-minute Hot Express class is a clear standout for us.

Vida Yoga
Photo: VIDA YOGA (via Instagram)

Featured Image: RECESS (via Instagram)

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