The Best Modern-Day Sports Cars For Your Next Sunday Drive

The Best Modern-Day Sports Cars For Your Next Sunday Drive


Potential toys for a no-pressure weekend drive

Disclaimer: MEGA Man does not, in any way, endorse dangerous or illegal driving on public roads.

Provided that you are not stuck in traffic, it’s hard to deny that driving can be therapeutic. Ideally, going from point A to point B with nothing else but you and your car could offer a well-deserved breather. For some, pulling this off might be preferred with something more powerful. With an aggressive foot on the gas pedal comes the relative ease to pick up speed on a clear road, whether winding or straight.

Luckily, Sundays are still there for these moments. With this, we round up some sports cars available on the local market that you might want to consider for your next Sunday drive. 

Practicality and performance all in one

Toyota GR86

Right off the bat is the Toyota GR86. 

A second-generation car, GR86 retains what made its predecessor beloved by enthusiasts while also increasing engine power. Now, on top of handling proficiency, is a 2.4-liter boxer engine that produces 228 horsepower, an upgrade over the first generation’s 2.0-liter engine of the same kind that only produced 205 horsepower.

Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 focuses less on power as it’s a car best enjoyed on twisty turns and winding roads. Now in the car’s 2022 model is Mazda’s “Kinematic Posture System.” Simply put, the system stabilizes the car when taking corners aggressively. 

Ford Mustang

If you’re into pony cars, then the Mustang might be for you. As of writing, Ford’s iconic model offers two engine variants: the contemporary 2.3L EcoBoost Premium and the traditional 5.0L V8 engine.  

The EcoBoost variant is more economical. It’s naturally weaker than the V8, with the former only packing 310 horsepower, as compared to the V8’s 430, and features less noise. Enthusiasts, however, are given more wiggle room when considering this pony car for themselves.

More power, more prestige 

Nissan GT-R 

The GT-R is admittedly a dated model, but one still updated yearly by Nissan. The biggest example of this is in terms of the engine.

The 2022 model and its V6 engine now produce up to 565 horsepower as compared to 2013’s 480. Additionally, it’s also an all-wheel drive car, with the brand’s ATTESA E-TS system in place to dictate power distribution between the car’s front and rear wheels.

BMW M4 Competition

A high-performance variant of the BMW M4 coupe is the M4 Competition. While power is bumped up in the M4 Competition, BMW only offers this model in an eight-speed automatic transmission. It does come, however, with an all-wheel drive system that features a rear-wheel bias option. Of course, there is also adequate stability and grip should you use this on the track or on winding roads. 

A premium on everything

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The racecar-leaning variant of the 911 is the GT3 RS, being made for both the track and the streets. 

It’s powered by a naturally aspirated flat-six engine, which churns out a total of 506 horsepower. Regulating this is either a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission or a classic six-speed manual.

Porsche also built the 911 GT3 RS to provide solid handling. Bigger tires and a particular aerodynamic setup give its users confidence in cornering and grip on track days or when running on a winding road. 

Lamborghini Huracan Evo

After a redesign and rebranding, the Italian brand’s lone performance offering now sports a more aggressive design philosophy, which includes a ducktail spoiler for improved downforce. 

With that is a 5.2 liter, 600 horsepower V10 engine. Similar to past models, the Huracan utilizes a mid-engine layout, with the power unit being directly behind the driver’s seat. Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models are both available. Other variants include the convertible Spyder, the track-friendly STO, and the limited edition Tecnica. 

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Last but not least is Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale. As a hybrid, the SF90 packs a 789-horsepower V8 plus three electric motors worth 217 horsepower. 

The SF90 only takes two and a half seconds to go from zero to 60 mph, and 6.7 seconds to 124 mph before eventually reaching its 211 mph top speed. Additionally, Ferrari also designed the car to be nimble despite its power. 

Ferrari’s hybrid comes with four driving modes. These are the Electric, Hybrid, Sport, and Qualifying, with the last mode making use of the car’s whole 986 horsepower package.

Featured Images from BMW, PORSCHE, MAZDA PHILIPPINES, and LAMBORGHINI (via Instagram)

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