The Best New York Buffalo Wings In Town Conquers The North And South

The Best New York Buffalo Wings In Town Conquers The North And South


Craving for some chicken wings? Fret not, the best New York buffalo wings in town is now expanding.

Let’s face it—the best way to indulge in food is “pag kinakamay” (when eaten with hands). Especially if it’s buffalo wings, you can’t deny the fact that savoring each piece is a must—from its flavorful piquant sauce to its sumptuous tender meat.

Best New York Buffalo Wings Frankie's

So if you’re looking forward to treating your palate with remarkably well-cooked chicken wings, Frankie’s got you covered. Never failing to deliver a great tasting buffalo wings, Frankie’s just bringing delight to us one recipe at a time. Here are our must-try buffalo wings that will undoubtedly satiate your cravings.

One of the flavors that definitely teemed the food industry is the salted egg. So it was only fitting that Frankie’s made their own take on it. Having such a rich flavor from the salted egg, they added a bit of red chili and bay leaves that impeccably complement each other—thanks to its mild kick.

If you’re fond of cheeses, wallow in with the cheesy bacon buffalo wings. As the chicken is coated in cheese topped with crispy bacon bits, we have to admit that it’s the best of both worlds.

Finally, nobody can ever go wrong with classics. It’s a cliché but it’s a fact. Frankie’s classic buffalo wings have the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy. And just in case you’re very particular with spicy viands, you have the option of mild, spicy, or super spicy.

In our hunt for the best New York buffalo wings in town, Frankie’s is so far one of the best restaurants for it. They have successfully brought delight to us by satisfying our taste buds with a flavorful number of wings. And we are all in luck because Frankie’s is now expanding both in the north and south.

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings is now open in SM Fairview and Molito. What are you waiting for? Do yourselves a favor and treat your palate with the best buffalo wings in town. Just don’t forget to eat with your hands.

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