The Best Sun Protective and Modest Swimwear Looks

The Best Sun Protective and Modest Swimwear Looks


If showing skin isn’t your style, here’s a list of five modest swimwear looks that are sun protective too

How much skin you bare at the beach is your prerogative. Just like with any other piece of clothing, swimsuits can be a chance to experiment, express your creativity, and flaunt your fashion sense. Besides religious factors, people may also want to dress in modest swimwear due to a need for comfort or sun protection.

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However, in terms of sun protection, you may not know that extra material on your swimsuits isn’t always enough—especially if you’re not constantly reapplying sunscreen. If you’re keen on reducing your chances of getting sunburns, skin cancer, premature signs of aging, and other ill effects of prolonged sun exposure, then it’s best to wear sun-protective swimwear.

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To help you explore more swimwear styles, we’ve listed down five different types of swimwear and accessories that offer more comfort, confidence, and sun protection than your standard bikini. Additionally, these swimsuits will be better suited for different beach activities and water sports. We’ve also rounded up the notable brands that design swimsuits using UV or sun protection fabric.


Modest Swimwear Looks
Photo Credit: @mott50 (via Instagram)

A one-piece doesn’t have to be boring. Game-changing and size-inclusive brands like Lime Ricki prove this with swimwear like the Rash Guard One-Piece, which comes in different colorful patterns. Mott50 is another brand worth looking into for their new UPF50+ styles, specifically the Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit in Mulberry.


Modest Swimwear Looks
Photo Credit: @limericki (via Instagram)

If you prefer to wear two-piece swimsuits but feel more comfortable with a covered midriff, then tankinis are for you. Nani Swimwear is worth checking out for its quality, variety, and practicality, but its designs are spot-on too. Lime Ricki also has a modest tankini collection, with standout pieces like the Pink Margrethe Peplum, which provides UV 50+ protection. This can be paired with their matching high-waist bikini bottoms or boy shorts. 


Modest Swimwear Looks
Photo Credit: @cynthiarowley (via Instagram)

When it comes to tops, you can never go wrong with a good rashguard or surf shirt as these can be paired with bikini bottoms, shorts, or leggings. To elevate your beach fashion while keeping safe from the sun, you can opt for designer swim tops from brands such as Cynthia Rowley, for their patterned rashguards, and Tory Burch, for their Printed Surf Shirt.


Modest Swimwear Looks
Photo Credit: @nikeswim (via Instagram)

Plenty of brands also provide burkinis now, which is a type of swimsuit that covers the whole body but leaves the face, hands, and feet uncovered. For light, quality, and sun-protective burkinis, you can look to Nike, LYRA Swim, and Lanuuk Swimwear. At these brands, you can find a variety of swim tunics, leggings, trousers, and dresses.


Modest Swimwear Looks
Photo Credit: @lyraswim (via Instagram)

If you’re on the lookout for lightweight and comfortable swim hijabs and the like, look no further than Nike, LYRA SWIM, and Lanuuk Swimwear. At these brands, you’ll have a variety of swim hijabs, scarves, caps, and turbans to choose from.

Featured Image from LYRA SWIMWEAR (via Instagram)

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