The Cut: The Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations of the Season

The Cut: The Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations of the Season


The celebrity hair department is making a serious case for a wolf cut, shaggy mullet, and two-toned hair colors

Celebrities have long been an inspiration in the hair department. In this season’s entry, a series of transformative cuts and colors permeated the beauty sphere. Take Bella Hadid and Sydney Sweeney as examples. The influential stars pulled a reverse card as both opted for new signature hues. Meanwhile, celebrities Kate Valdez, Jenna Ortega, and Zendaya welcomed the year with a chic short hairstyle. And as for Miley Cyrus? The icon debuted a new two-toned hair shade that encapsulates her fun personality.

The new season calls for fans to be as expressive and experimental with hair. From modern shaggy mullets and fringe cuts to creative two-toned shades and reversed hairdo, below are the standout celebrity hair transformations that can serve as your style inspiration. Scroll down and find your best match. 

Bella Hadid

It appears that the supermodel traded her expensive brunette signature for a dirty blonde shade. In a recent post, Bella Hadid showcased her take on a grunge favorite paired with an early-naughts headband and shades. It might be a drastic change but it’s surprisingly nothing new. In fact, her recent hair update is quite comparable to her natural color. It’s fair to say that any color spectrum works well with her, but this one feels more true to her personality. 

Sydney Sweeney

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney embraced the dark side with an expensive brunette hair transformation. In December 2022, the actress debuted a rich chestnut shade styled in an updo with a side fringe detail. It’s a surprising update considering that a honey-blonde has always been her signature hue. However, it sparks a movement to explore a palette outside of your comfort zone. 

Emma Chamberlain 

Another personality who pulled a reverse hair card is Emma Chamberlain. The influential icon recently donned an expensive brunette layered lob. Standout detail? Her take on a fringe cut. It’s a modern look on Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deetz signature cut that effortlessly renders a cool-girl appeal. Elevate this look with highlights to add a contrasting depth to your look.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega recently dropped her Wednesday Addams pigtail for a chic hair edit. In a post, hairstylist David Stanwell debuted the actress’ interpretation of a tousled wolf cut, which is a style that is brought to life with the movement of layers. In addition, the look is completed with a fresh auburn color that heightened her soft grunge aesthetic. 


Zendaya fronted the beauty headlines as she welcomed the year with a side-swept textured boyfriend bob. It’s also the actress’ shortest haircut up to date. In definition, the style is a square-lined, sharp, chin-to-next-length bob that is versatile enough to complement any face shape, hair texture, and style preference. It’s modern and sexy—a perfect choice for anyone who wants a wearable hair edit.

Kate Valdez

Kate Valdez’s modern shaggy mullet is one statement haircut that is hard to miss. In January 2022, the actress broke the Internet with her latest hair transformation by celebrity hairstylist Fendi Dudi. More grunge than goth, the shoulder-length cut is a play on short layers in the front and the sides while keeping the length at the back. It flatters any texture, but combining it with curly hair makes the look spectacular. 

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus is a master of experimental styles. In recent times, the star exhibited her take on garage glam with a two-toned hair shade. Her colorist, Cassondra Kaeding, polished up her platinum blonde hue in the front, but went for a contrasting brunette color underneath. It’s a cheeky detail that translates to the best of both worlds. 

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