Detail Cosmetic’s Powder Pout Is The Biggest Filipino Beauty Community Collab To Date

Detail Cosmetic’s Powder Pout Is The Biggest Filipino Beauty Community Collab To Date


Twelve Filipino beauty gurus team up to create a collection of their very own signature shades for Detail Cosmetics. Is it the new makeup must-have?

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Detail Cosmetics, former Detail Makeover, surprised the local beauty community with a collection of 12 powder lipsticks by the Philippine’s top beauty gurus. The collection features a shade range of nudes to reds and has a powder-like finish. To highlight the collaboration, Detail personalizes each of the shades to the collaborator. Specifically, the boxed packaging features an illustration of the influencer, while the lipstick tube has a printed signature on the frosted plastic. Fans of the gurus may purchase the entire collection for  P2388 or may purchase individual shades at P199. Here are the 12 beauty gurus who are part of the Detail Cosmetics Powder Pout Vault Collection.

Haidee Quing

Haidee Quing or @mommyhaidee as the internet knows her is a YouTuber and influencer to all moms out there. Her lipstick is in a dark shade of mauve and may be used for sophisticated luncheons and online get-togethers.

Kenny Manalad

Kenny Manalad is a beauty guru on YouTube and Instagram. He features fashion forward makeup looks that are picture perfect. He created a rose colored powder pout that is fresh and bold, because of his love for all things SoKor.

Hazel Quing

Hazel Quing is a beauty influencer that creates quirky content for her fans. She has formulated a peach to dark orange lipstick shade that fits perfectly for girls who share the same skin tone as her.

Raiza Contawi

Raiza Contawi is a beauty influencer and former make-up artist. She uses her platform to talk about self-love and expressing it through makeup. Apart from this, she always keeps it real with her followers through daily life updates. She chose the shades pink and brown for her powder pout to represent strong and independent women.

Rei Germar

Rei Germar is a beauty and fashion influencer, best known for her relatable videos on YouTube. She has amassed a tremendous following through her unique voice online. Her powder pout is a sophisticated shade of mauve that is perfect for the girl-next-door.

Raf Juane

Raf Juane is a beauty guru that is famous for his makeup transformations. He has the ability to completely reinvent himself in each look he creates. Raf created a shade that would mimic is signature lip color. The color turned out to be a cool-toned pink that is perfect for everyday use. 

Toni Sia

toni sia, detail cosmetics, powder pout

Toni Sia is a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencer. She is best known for her product recommendations on her IG story and on YouTube. A few months ago, she went viral for her BODYLOVE Stretch Sculpt Collection. Her peach colored powder pout is dubbed as an everyday classic. 

Mae Layug

Mae Layug is a beauty, lifestyle, and women’s health influencer. Also, she is known to be fearlessly herself and confident in everything she does. Her shade is a pink nude that works well as an everyday lippie.

Lou Sanchez

Lou Sanchez is a 22 year-old beauty and fashion influencer. She is known to be a big supporter of local products that she consistently promotes on her Instagram. Her powder pout color of choice is an orange brown tone that works well with any skin tone.

Ashley Yap
ashley yap, powder pout
Ashley Yap, or @ashleysandrine on the ‘gram, is a beauty and lifestyle influencer. In spite of being the daughter of Richard Yap, she has created a name for herself through consistent uploads on YouTube. As a coffee lover, the inspiration for her shade is an homage to her favorite sugary beverages.

Angel Dei

Angel Dei is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger that is known for her love for the sea. She is most known for her travel and fitness content on Instagram and YouTube. That’s why she created a beach ready color that is inspired by the corals of the ocean.

Ry Velasco
ry velasco, powder pout
Ry Velasco is a fashion and beauty influencer known for her Y2k style and YouTube videos. Moreover, she’s an inspiration to fearless Filipinas who are not afraid to go out of their comfort zones. Her vision for her lipstick is to create a nude that is perfect for brown skinned girls in the Philippines.

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