All Rise: The Birth Of The Tropical Bombshell Queen’s Spirit

All Rise: The Birth Of The Tropical Bombshell Queen’s Spirit


Once a new and fresh face in drag, Drag Race Philippines alum Marina Summers now brings the heat of her stardom to the next level as Olay’s first-time ambassador with confidence, equality, and inclusivity that she and the brand connect to.

The Philippines has many beautiful islands—all 7,641 of them. From culture and the arts to film and television, the country has long showcased its tropical beauty. Embodying its charm and splendor is a queen who goes by the name Marina Summers, coming alive to slay and represent the future of Filipino drag. 

Marina Summers is one of the most sought-after artists in the drag scene. With great performances from Drag Race Philippines, to releasing her sultry single Divine, she continuously proves she’s a purposeful artist. A diva like her is what the #BackToSlayWithOlay campaign is all about—the performance of a lifetime means confidence beyond lights, make-up, and cameras.  

Just like summer, this is her season

Marina Summers loves to make a statement through stunning dance performances, vibrant tropical aesthetics, avant-garde performance art ensembles, and more. The tropical bombshell queen’s passion and love for the colorful and compelling art of drag gives endless possibilities to keep the spark of progression for the LGBTQIA+ community going. 

Olay’s Regenerist Retinol 24 makes Marina Summers look radiant even without her glam game

After all, drag performances aren’t just for show. For Marina, it’s all about shaking things up. “We are here to take our power back. We are here to reclaim our space in this society. Queer artists don’t get as much respect and as much recognition. I think it’s high time that we reclaim our space and our spotlight.”

In Marina’s MEGADrag cover story last October 2022, she mentioned what drag stands for. “We may be running in a different generation, pero the goal is still the same: to champion queer excellence, to champion LGBTQIA+ visibility and rights.”

In support of diversity and equality, Marina looks for brighter days ahead as she soon heads off to Drag Con LA this summer to showcase her talent and drag’s higher purpose in the global scene. As she finally gets more of the recognition she deserves, it’s about time she shows the world that beauty is inclusive. Olay acknowledges this and hopes to be a part of this bigger movement. This is the first time that the brand has engaged a drag performer as an ambassador and yes, it is divine.

Get that eight-hour beauty sleep even after an all-nighter with Olay Regenerist Retinol

Marina expressed her delight over this partnership. “Huge thanks to the Olay team for putting queer artists like me front and center. Definitely a dream come true.”

Retinol at night

In Marina’s tie-up with Olay, the brand has been nothing but supportive and attentive to her needs. Olay knows that being a star means long night performances when the party’s just getting started and the audience is excited. But with a vibrant make-up palette that she has to wash off her face after an outstanding act and sleep to catch up on, fatigue can take a toll on her skin. To get an eight-hour beauty sleep even after an all-nighter show, she uses Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Moisturizer. 

As a result, Marina wakes up to plumper, younger-looking skin every morning. Olay Retinol 24 gives her skin the 24-hour hydration it deserves, and it’s all thanks to retinol, a form of Vitamin A. It’s one of the best ingredients to keep a true superstar like Marina looking fresh for longer. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, exfoliates the skin, boosts collagen production and fights free radicals.

Getting the skin ready overnight to achieve a glowing skin like Marina’s can start with five skincare steps, as recommended by Olay:

  1. Cleanse

Remove a full face of make-up or just the dirt, grime, oil and pollution that settles on your skin during the day. Face cloths or oil cleanser followed by a gentle, creamy cleanser can make things quick and easy.

  1. Tone

A toner is a facial tonic that further primes skin to absorb the important ingredients that will be applied later on. If there’s a retinol to your skincare routine, it is better to use a hydrating toner to moisturize the skin.

  1. Use a Serum

Serums offer concentrated amounts of certain treatments. If you choose to use Olay’s Retinol 24 Night Serum don’t use the Night Cream from the same collection on the same night.

  1. Apply Eye Cream

At night, choose a hydrating eye cream that helps repair the skin barrier overnight. If you want to add a dose of retinol around the eyes as part of your nightly skincare routine, choose a product like Olay Retinol 24 Eye Cream and gently massage it into the under-eye area.

  1. Moisturize

Finally, take a hydrating night time moisturizer like Olay Retinol 24 and apply all over your face.. Retinol is a super ingredient for this as it leaves your skin visibly smoother and glowing, making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

Good night-time habits mean good skin. No matter what kind of performance, Marina ensures her skin gets the healthy boost it needs. With radiant skin even without make-up, her spirit of confidence levels up her game and advocacy. 

Take the first step towards a more confident work of performance and visit Olay’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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