The Cartier Love Bracelet Is The Epitome Of Love

The Cartier Love Bracelet Is The Epitome Of Love


This elegant piece by Cartier is meaningful and timeless—just like how love should be.  

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It’s a rare sight that you see pieces that carry meanings that transcend beyond its shell. The Love Bracelet by Cartier achieves exactly that. It is perfectly coined because it wonderfully captures the essence of love. In fashion, it is vogue and classic. But in the sphere of love, it is a reflection of what the emotion could be and maybe even should be. In love, the piece is an eternal tribute to romance. 

While love is surely subjective and varies with each person, when the idea is juxtaposed with what the Love Bracelet by Cartier is all about, you won’t help but see the stark similarities.

Here are 8 characteristics that prove that this piece is the quintessence of love. 


Created in New York by Cartier Designer, Aldo Cipullo, it has been over more than 50 years since its inception in 1969. To this very day, the accessory remains renowned and well-loved. While the bracelet already has several iterations on top of its original release, its design always remains on the lines of “classic”. 

Just like love, the Love Bracelet by Cartier will always be in fashion. It transcends through the seasons and is timeless in its core. 

Inclusive Yet Exclusive

What a paradox, right? How can something be both inclusive yet exclusive simultaneously? 

The accessory achieves inclusivity with its androgynous charm. It cannot be pushed to specifics and societal boundaries. Is it for women or for men? Neither. Very much like love, it is for all. 

Exclusivity comes in with how the piece is used. In order to secure the bracelet correctly, one must seek the help of a partner. Second, these are not meant to be worn alone. In the best of scenarios and again just like love, Love Bracelets will always come in twos—for you and your partner exclusively.


Despite its two rigid arcs, it never feels off in terms of comfort. It perfectly adapts to your movements. The way that the bracelet clings to the wrist is natural. And it only makes sense because love in any healthy form will never be suffocating—it will always have the right amount of space for you to move and gracefully be yourself. Dare we say, it will always be the perfect fit. 

Out and Proud 

One of the key and most noticeable features of the Love Bracelet are the engraved screws. It also represents one of the most radical moves by Cartier—instead of concealing them, they beautifully adorn the exteriors of the bracelet. In a PR release, the Maison shared the idea behind it, “This is the stylistic intuition of a jeweler who sees beauty wherever it is and dares to show what others hide.” 

This is not the first time the unconcealed screws made an appearance. They also embellish the bezels of the Santos De Cartier timepiece.

You know it’s real love when it isn’t met with any sense of embarrassment or need to conceal. Wave it like a flag and take pride—it’s all yours. 

Cartier Love Bracelet


Each Love Bracelet by Cartier comes with a special screwdriver to fulfill its locking technology. Mind you, this tool was specifically created for this piece. How unique and special, right? Yup, just like how love should feel like. 


30 years before the arrival of the new millennium, this iconic accessory was way beyond its time. An easy feat, the unisex piece was able to capture the 2000’s zeitgeist in terms of jewelry. 

You know it’s not Cartier if it isn’t thoughtfully created. Love tends to move the same way too, right? It is thoughtful and anticipates what you need. 


Perhaps what makes the Love Bracelet by Cartier an epitome of love is because its mechanisms all point to being committed. Just take a look at its two rigid arcs that are screwed together in order to have a functioning bracelet. Just like the arcs, it takes two in order to be in a relationship.

The reference to love also follows when securing the two arcs together because it alludes to the idea that two people are joined together and “locking in” their love. 

Gets Better With Time

Many of those in a relationship gush about the idea of growing old together. And what’s not to love and desire about that? Experiencing the various seasons of life with each other is a charming and beautiful idea.

It is fortunate that the Love Bracelet by Cartier also gives us the same experience. From its release in 1969 to equally elegant iterations such as the Love Ring, Love Bracelet Slides and a dazzling version with precious stones, this piece has gone through the seasons with all of us. And it is still here, precious and brilliant as ever.

Through the years, it has aged like fine wine, and has given its legion of supporters a beautiful journey that gets better with time. 

Cartier Love Bracelet

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