The Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Influencer-Approved Must-Have Grooming Kit For Men

The Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Influencer-Approved Must-Have Grooming Kit For Men


MEGA Man uncovers the makeup or grooming routines of three Filipino influencers, offering the ultimate guide for any modern man seeking a basic upgrade

Navigating the landscape of men’s makeup can be a labyrinth for most gentlemen, especially when it comes to finding the right products. To help you decode the maze of cosmetics, MEGA Man sat down with three influencers to uncover their secret weapons—the go-to products that elevate their everyday routines. Are you ready to upgrade your grooming game? Read on and let their insights guide your next purchase.

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David Guison

Photo: DAVID GUISON (via Instagram)
David's picks

Recognized as a style grooming authority for years, David Guison has been the go-to trendsetter for most guys. Interestingly, the influencer shared with MEGA Man his recent grooming glow-up, revealing a fresh twist to his style journey. “For the longest time, all I ever had in my grooming bag was a facial wash, a hair wax, a mouthwash, and blotting paper. It was only this year that I started putting on makeup and I thought to myself, ‘Why did I only do this now?’ The reason why I put on makeup now is to look presentable during shoot days, events, and sometimes when I need to cover up a zit.” 

The content creator mentioned that his goal is to always rock a flawless, skin-like finish that leaves everyone guessing if he’s even wearing a dab of product. “I achieve my makeup look by moisturizing my skin first, then putting on a color corrector on my undereyes to cancel out the discoloration. I also apply my green color corrector by dabbing on my red marks. Next, I put on the foundation. I use the local brand Issy; it’s very hydrating and has a serum-like formula, making it look super natural, which is the goal. Lastly, I put on concealer when needed,” David detailed. “This helps with my confidence, and I’m glad I started using makeup. If 2013 David did this, I would be so afraid as to what people may think, but it’s 2023; you do you,” he added. 

Lharby Policarpio

Photo: LHARBY POLICARPIO (via Instagram)
Lharby's picks

With an Instagram following nearing 400,000, Lharby Policarpio’s influence speaks volumes. His grooming secret? Following the “less is more” philosophy by sticking to just three makeup products for that sharp, refined look.

If you’re a guy constantly on the move, Lharby’s grooming regimen is your go-to. “It only takes a minute to do this look. I just apply my tinted sunscreen, put a tad bit of concealer on spots that need it, and finally, my lip balm,” he explained. Like many, the influencer shared that he once dodged makeup, guided by the outdated notion that it wasn’t for men. “But as I got older, that didn’t matter as much; I was more secure with myself. Also, I believe it is basic courtesy to look your best when meeting people, especially with my job where I meet multiple people in a single day,” Lharby confidently stated.

Kenn Dayandayan

Photo: KENN DAYANDAYAN (via Instagram)
Kenn's picks

Last but certainly not least is Kenn Dayandayan. In our previous interview with him, the content creator unraveled the transformative power of makeup in his life and shared his goal to encourage men to embrace it as well, making his go-to products a must-know.

Much like David and Lharby, Kenn’s makeup preference centers on a soft, understated appearance. “I mostly go for subtle, natural makeup! I am a very minimal makeup consumer so I usually use at least three to five products to achieve the look. My go-to makeup items are skin tints, concealer, powder, brow gel, and setting spray”  Kenn said that he also uses Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint “05,” Issy Active Concealer NM3, and Makeup Forever Fixing Spray, in addition to the above-mentioned products.

Featured Image: DAVID GUISON (via Instagram)

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