The Collective is Your New Go-To for Everything Skincare

The Collective is Your New Go-To for Everything Skincare


Helping you achieve your best and healthiest skin yet.

“The Collective is a platform that accommodates all genders and skin states.” Just launched today, The Collective is your new go-to for everything skincare. Catering to everyone, no matter their gender, shade, or size, The Collective is all about breaking beauty stereotypes and pushing for a more inclusive, diverse, and accepting beauty community.

Skincare is different for everyone. For skincare enthusiasts, it is a routine of self-care and self-love; for beginners, it could be a daunting process due to the lack of guidance, information, and an overwhelming amount of brands and products available in the market. With The Collective, you won’t have to worry. “Research, reliability, and representation,”—this is what The Collective functions on. With a handpicked list of brand offerings from Korea, America, and Philippines, The Collective ensures you get products that are fuss free and full of ingredients your skin will thank you for.

Within The Collective, you will find The Concierge and The Curator. Here, you’ll find quizzes and articles to guide you as you create a skincare routine that is best for your skin. Because it is not just a place to purchase your products—The Collective is an engaging and learning experience born out of love for beauty and skincare, and ultimately a community where both skincare enthusiasts and beginners go for skincare advice.

Co-founded by Dominique Cojuangco and Michael Hearn, The Collective wants to change the belief that your skin needs to be perfect to be healthy. As your newest skincare partner, The Collective aims to be a confidant—someone to hold your hand and help you as you curate a skincare routine towards your best and healthiest skin yet.

Get to know more about The Collective on their Instagram and website.

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