The ‘Deleter’ Trailer Will Give You Chills For Days

The ‘Deleter’ Trailer Will Give You Chills For Days


Beware of the haunting experience that goes beyond the screen after watching Deleter’s official trailer 

This Christmas, we are in for a new kind of chill down the spine with the release of Deleter starring the so-called President herself, Nadine Lustre.

Mikhail Red’s newest psychological thriller features the actress as Lyra, a content moderator haunted by the passing of another coworker. Based on the trailer, the film tackles how online posts can trigger and affect minds adversely, especially of those who work to filter them. Alongside Nadine, McCoy De Leon and Louise Delos Reyes also join the cast. 

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Fans applauded the promotional gimmick for the previous upload of the trailer eight days ago when, 17 seconds in, a warning was displayed—This video has been deleted—for the rest of the clip.  But last Saturday, the “undeleted” version of the trailer was finally uploaded, featuring the premise of the film. 

Deleter is an official entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. 

Watch the trailer here: 

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