The Dos and Don’ts of K-Beauty in 2023, According to a Korean Makeup Artist

The Dos and Don’ts of K-Beauty in 2023, According to a Korean Makeup Artist


Want to get into the Korean beauty hype? We’ve got an exclusive guide from the Korean Global Makeup Artist of Innisfree to take us through the proper practices of the routines

It is no secret that a majority of us got on the bandwagon of Korean beauty these past few years. You’d think that you would be subtle with it because of your plan to gradually add it in your routines but let’s face it, it’s like a black hole you can’t get out of. But how sure are you that you’re doing everything right?

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In an exclusive interview, Korean Global Makeup Artist of Innisfree, Peter Jang, gave us the actual trends that are going around Seoul, Korea. On top of that, we’ve got the lowdown on his do’s and don’ts when it comes to Korean skincare and makeup. 

Korean Makeup Artist Peter Jang
Korean Global Makeup Artist, Peter Jang

In Seoul

Before getting into the conversation of routines, it’s best to get a better understanding of the latest beauty trends in Seoul. Peter explains that Koreans are leaving the viral 10-step routine in the past and are opting for a minimalist routine with only 2 to 3 skincare products. This cascaded down to their makeup routine as well since most Koreans are leaning towards a simple and clean finish. 

korean skincare
Simplify your skincare routine 

So what are the most favored products for Koreans right now? The makeup artist shares that skincare products that are infused with cica or collagen are at the top of the chain because of their benefits. Since Koreans are all about defying age, these two ingredients are proven to sooth irritated skin, heal wounds, and amp up elasticity—all of which leads to the skin looking more plump and youthful. 

The subtle use of pink seen on the eyes, cheeks, and lips for a monochromatic look

Meanwhile, Peter expresses that the trend in makeup stays safe in the walls of monochromatic looks. You’ve probably seen various makeup tutorials from Koreans themselves and how they would match the hues of their blush with their eyeshadow and lipsticks, which is a great way to look put-together without having too much fuss.

The Korean way

Now that we’ve covered the trends, it’s time to go through the process of application so we can say we’re doing it the right way. The first step is to prep the skin without overdoing it, which you can do using a serum or a toner, then top it off with a cream—all of which should be able to treat your most pressing skin problems. 

A healthy glow underneath the base makeup

When it comes to his do’s as a makeup artist, his go-to technique is to distribute moisture to the skin evenly. Peter shares, “A perfect base makeup can be done only when the skin is fully hydrated.” So if you’re asking why their skin always looks healthy, you might want to try this trick soon. 

As for his don’ts, he mentions that you shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to prepping the skin. The reason behind this is because it tends to look cakey and there is a possibility for bad skin reactions to occur, which is the last thing you want to happen. 

korean makeup look
Add a bit of shimmer for a K-Pop idol-inspired look

What now?

Now, you might be asking yourself what products to use to get this routine started? It really boils down to knowing what your skin needs instead of getting the most talked about item. Do your research before making an impulsive decision of buying because your skin is on the line and you wouldn’t want to cause any long-term damage.


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