The Easiest Way To Soothe A Dry And Itchy Scalp This Summer

The Easiest Way To Soothe A Dry And Itchy Scalp This Summer


Can’t stop scratching your head? Here’s how to heal itchy and dry scalp from the comfort of your own home.

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The summer season can be hard on our hair especially with the need to take repetitive showers in a day due to the afternoon heat. Factor in the out-of-town trips that overindulge our tresses with sun, chlorine, and salt water and you’re left with a patches of irritation and itchiness that can lead to hair loss. If your strands are starting to feel crunchy and your head is starting feel tight, a regular hair mask and conditioner won’t cut it. It’s time to treat your scalp like the rest of the skin on your body: With time, attention and investment.

Scalp care often takes the back burner when we talk about our beauty regimens but it only makes sense that a happy head starts from the roots. So, if you want to have luscious hair and strands that look great until the very tip, the easiest way to achieve it is by starting a good scalp care routine at home. It’s also important to remember that it’s four times more delicate because of its high number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles with a lower barrier function as compared to the skin on rest of the body.  A reason why your scalp routine must include a good cleansing, exfoliation, re-balancing and moisturizing. 

Here’s how to start a good scalp routine:

1. Take a close look at your hair and scalp

According to experts, a healthy scalp has no signs of redness and irritation with minimum number of visible scales or buildup. It should also be odorless. You can also get a diagnosis from hair care experts when you go to any Kérastase salon and their online platform to find the appropriate haircare routine.

2. Use a different shampoo for the scalp

Switching to shampoos that are free of silicones and alcohol can help avoid aggravating the scalp. If you’re already experiencing signs of a dry scalp­–sensitivity, greasiness, hair fall, and dandruff­–start using two shampoos, one specifically for the scalp and the other for the strands. 

3. Gently massage your scalp

Avoid roughly scrubbing the scalp with your nails. This will cause your scalp to excessively generate more oil. If your hair is still greasy after one wash, you can always double shampoo or use a scalp brush with flexible bristles for more rigorous cleanse. Just be mindful throughout the process to prevent overstimulating the scalp.

4. Exfoliate the scalp 1 – 2x times a month

Using a pre-shampoo with micro beads or visiting the salon for exfoliating treatments once or twice a month can help balance your hair’s pH level and purify the scalp to stimulate healthier hair growth.

5. Invest in a scalp serum

If you’re face needs a moisturizer to seal in all the goodness from the other skincare products you’ve layered on, the scalp needs one as well. Enter the Kérastase Spécifique Potentalisté, a daily defense and fortifying serum. It is infused with a combination of probiotics, and an advanced Vitamin C derivative with antioxidant properties to protect, strengthen, and balance the scalp and hair. As someone who personally has a sensitive scalp due to several rounds of hair coloring and back-to-back beach trips recently, the serum immediately felt soothing and cool on my scalp. Plus! there’s no stinging sensation. Similar to their other best-selling serums, you only need to use four pumps and evenly distribute it around the head once a day. With continues use over 2 weeks, my hair is back to its former glory. 

The Kérastase Spécifique Potentialisté is now available at the official flagship store on Lazada.

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