The Exact Products and Steps to Recreate Denise Julia’s Sultry Morena Makeup Routine

The Exact Products and Steps to Recreate Denise Julia’s Sultry Morena Makeup Routine


Want to recreate Denise Julia’s signature look? Fret not because we listed down all the products she uses along with some tips and tricks we got from her YouTube makeup tutorial

It’s undeniable that Gen Z and young millennials recently got hooked on two r&b songs, specifically “Lackin’” and “B. A. D.,” which were both released by none other than Denise Julia. Although, the 21-year-old Filipina singer has been in-demand for another reason apart from her music, and it’s because of her makeup look. 

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So if you want to look snatched, then the morena baddie makeup you need to recreate is Denise’s go-to look. Basing it from her own tutorial she posted on YouTube, we listed down the exact products she uses with some tips and tricks from the singer herself. 

Perfect the base

The routine kicked off with coverage, and the young singer opted to use three different concealers for the base. She goes in with the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Concealer in the shade Cookie Dough, which she evenly applied on her face. Next up are her Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers in the shades Medium 2 and Medium/Deep 1.5. 

The reason behind using two different shades of concealer is because she uses the deeper tone on the sides of her face, while the lighter one is placed under her eyes and her high points to help sculpt her face.

Sculpt and bake

We’ve all seen how snatched Denise looks with her makeup, so we’re pretty glad to see how she does it. To start it off, she uses Rare Beauty’s Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick in Good Energy and places it on her forehead, jawline, the shadows underneath her cheekbones, and her nose bridge and tip. Fun fact: Denise considers this creamy bronzer stick as her holy grail. 

Next up, she sets her base and contour by using Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Honey. Note to self: she uses a makeup sponge to pat on the high points of her face, as well as underneath her eyes, and she quickly brushes it off to avoid looking cakey.

For the snatched gods

We have reached the end of the base routine and you’d want to take note of this if you’re going for a bronzed and illuminated look. Begin with the bronzer, and Denise uses Patrick Ta’s Creme Contour Powder Bronzer Duo in the shade She’s Sculpted. The singer also mentioned that she considers it as the setting powder for her contour. She then layers Sunnies Face Skin So Good The Powder in Cacao to finish it off. 

Moving on to the cheeks, she likes to use a cool toned blush, which is MAC Cosmetics’ Powder Blush in Mocha, and she applies it on top of her contour, cheeks, and her nose. Lastly, her highlighter routine is for those who like it blinding, and you have to use these products in this order: Hourglass Ambient Lighting, followed by MAC Cosmetics Hyperreal Glow, and ending with MAC Cosmetics x Lisa Highlighter. 

Achieve the siren eyes

Lifted and siren-looking—that’s how we’d describe Denise’s eye makeup look, and here’s the rundown. For the base eyeshadow, grab the Sunnies Face Skin So Good The Powder in Cacao and pat it on top of your eyelids. She then adds more depth to the look by using Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette, specifically the shades Dusty Rose and Cyprus Umber—yes, it has to be in that order. 

Since we’re all about adding some shimmer, it only makes sense to see her hop on the trend, too, but she did it with a pop of color. When it comes to the inner corners and lower lash line, she takes the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmo Palette and applies the shade Supernova, hence the subtle purple hue. As for the brow bone, the shimmers with the name Sun and Orion from the same palette are lightly brushed for a touch of gold and pink. 

Surprisingly, her brow routine isn’t as complicated as it seems since it only consists of two products. Her brows are brushed up with MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Gigablack Lash, which she intentionally dried up since she prefers it that way. For the second product, Denise uses Strokes Beauty Lab’s Microblade Pen Perfector to fill in the gaps. 

We have reached the end of her eye makeup routine, but this is probably the most important part of it all—the falsies. To actually get that lifted siren effect, the trick Denise does is that she lifts the outer part of the false eyelash a bit higher from the lash line, which gives her that wing effect. Whether you’re a morena or not, this whole eye makeup routine is actually applicable to everyone, so why not give this a go when you have the time?

Make them pout

There is no doubt that the singer’s lips look absolutely plump, and these are the three products that give her just that. When it comes to overlining her lips, Denise actually uses blk cosmetics Face Stick in Cookie to complement her morena complexion. After that, she fills in her lips with the same brand’s Fresh Lip Liner in the shade Tides for that ombre effect. Last but not least, Denise officially ends her lip routine with Huda Beauty’s Power Bullet Matte Lipstick in Girls Trip—a must-have natural hue lippie for morenas. 

From the Bratz-looking eyes, matte base, to the overlined lips, Denise Julia picked out which makeup trends suited her the most and she made it work harmoniously. And while her base products work great on morenas, her tips and tricks are still worth trying out no matter your skin tone. Just adjust the shade accordingly and you’ll have that baddie makeup look in the bag.

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