The Filipino designers behind Catriona Gray’s looks for Binibining Pilipinas 2022

The Filipino designers behind Catriona Gray’s looks for Binibining Pilipinas 2022


Did you know that her final look is inspired from native snakes?

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It’s an all-female hosting tandem for the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Coronation Night. Alongside Nicole Cordoves, Catriona Gray is once again back on the pageant’s stage. Aside from recreating her look from her own days as a candidate in Binibining Pilipinas, Catriona has proven through and through that she possesses the meaningful, charismatic fashion of a true queen.

Here are the Filipino designers who made her show-stopping looks from last night’s coronation.


In a statement white ensemble and black mesh gloves, Catriona is one edgy, luminiscent bride—and that’s because she’s wearing a piece by Jaggy Bridal. The highlight of this ornate creation? Flounce, silhouettes, and a whole lot of blooms.

For her final look, Catriona wears a custom printed Maison Glarino fiery red-orange gown. Taking inspiration from snakes in the native polytheistic beliefs of the Philippines, the patterned textile comes in a corset-like boned structure with a defined protruding hip.

“I was looking at my fashion influences and I was trying to see how parallel their iconic pieces are with the Philippines, our pop culture and history,” says Jaggy Glarino. “I didn’t want it to be a dead giveaway though and I wanted it to be out of the box, at least in the context of what and how a pageant gown should look like.”


“Time for my favorite segment—the Evening Gown Competition,” Catriona writes in her Instagram post. Donning a hunter green satin gown by Bing Cristobal, the crowned Miss Universe 2018 queen is definitely one of the night’s most elegant and powerful figures.


Catriona’s Pintados inspired earrings made huge waves on social media, and there’s no better piece to solidify the warrior themed ensemble than Dia Ali’s straightforward black dress. Embodying a true fighter’s soul, this flattering, body-hugging piece with a unique shoulder-to-chest cut completes the look’s enamoring spirit, strength, and pride.

“This year’s theme for Binibining Pilipinas 2022 is all about celebrating Filipino pop culture or should I say PPOP,” says Justine Aliman of Dia Ali. “Eversince, Catriona has been very expressive in promoting our culture so we collaborated and looked back as we decided to use her Miss Universe 2018 Pintados national costume and recreate it as oversized earings.”

Aliman shared that Catriona designed a decontracted Pintados tattoo referenced in the Boxer Codex to embody the warior spirit. Jewelry designer Mjorian then created the piece and made it a warrior queen’s earrings. Paired with the black sleek gown, the modern day warrior Binibini look is complete.

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