The Filipino Designers Behind Maine Mendoza’s MEGA Cover

The Filipino Designers Behind Maine Mendoza’s MEGA Cover


As Maine Mendoza graces the cover of MEGA’s November issue, we are shining the spotlight on the designers who have been taking the local fashion industry by storm

It’s no secret that MEGA has always championed designers who have the potential to introduce new artistry in the local fashion scene. A knack for spotting outstanding talents is a collective effort in order to widen the local creative landscape, and with the recent rise of creatives in our country, we can only expect a new wave of craftsmanship and originality that will bring our local fashion forward. 

As this month’s issue graces us with the story of Maine Mendoza, we also shine the spotlight on the designers who flawlessly tied it all together with their pieces. 

Jaz Cerezo

Giving the audience an unforgettable collection that introduced an edgy, modernized femininity—Jaz Cerezo breaks stereotypes and norms as she explores sultry elements and structured proportions in her designs.

But this time around, she heads for a different direction as Maine is clad in a body-hugging ensemble. Jaz Cerezo captures such delicate femininity with a silver dress decorated with fully crystallized serpents on the bodice. 

Puey Quiñones

A knack for exploring techniques in drapings and forms, Puey Quiñones doesn’t shy away from being adventurous in his designs.

Although he sticks to the classics with a soft yet captivating piece for Maine Mendoza. The polka-dotted ensemble captures such elegance with the use of the delicate material, as well as the soft lines that gracefully hug Maine’s figure.

Mark Bumgarner

Making his name known internationally, Mark Bumgarner is one of the few who has been taking the local fashion scene to the global landscape.

When it comes to anything classy and timeless, we can only look at Mark Bumgarner to get the assignment right. For this month’s issue, he keeps it sophisticated with the staple black and white combination, but it’s the see-through corset detail and billowy cape that perfectly elevates the look.

Mara Chua

An eye for soft femininity with hints of sensuality, Mara Chua expresses her artistry with the use of subtle lines and figures, combined with a touch of sultry details.

Honing a sensual and alluring aspect of femininity, Mara Chua keeps it trendy with a corset bodice while diamonds adorn the ensemble from top to bottom.

Kyle Cruz

Utilizing a subtle nod of rock in the designs, Kyle Cruz explores the world of minimalist edge with the combination of structured silhouettes and edgy materials. 

On the cover, Maine Mendoza’s number is all about hard-rock sensuality as she is clad in a black pleather jumpsuit designed by the young artist. To complete the number, a crystal-lined black top by Jaz Cerezo is added, which gives an extra shine to her overall look.

Creative Direction NICOLE ALMERO
Fashion Direction RYUJI SHIOMITSU
Beauty Direction MIA CASTRO
Video Producer REGINA ACERON
Videography JR RAMIREZ
Shoot Coordination KZ FRANCISCO
Shot on location at PICC
Special thanks to PORTIA CABIAD of PICC

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