The Final Four of Drag Race Philippines

The Final Four of Drag Race Philippines


With the announcement of the final four, we look back at their winning moments, as well as what their looks could be for the semi-finals.

The latest episode of Drag Race Philippines was nothing short of gripping as the series reached the final four after a task that challenged each contestant to create their own music video rendition of RuPaul’s song “Champion.” But the true show-stopper of the night was Marina Summers’ gilded gown that beautifully cascaded her figure—an unforgettable look that secured her spot in the top four. 

As the series nears its end and we have seen the signature styles of our queens, it is only fitting to forecast their upcoming drag looks that we could possibly see very soon—a finale that brings forth the best of drag in the Philippines. 

Precious Paula Nicole

Her impersonation of Regine Velasquez made its mark in Drag Race Philippines as the iconic singer herself praised Precious Paula Nicole for her excellent performance. It was a winning moment and a steady spot in the competition since she’s never been in the bottom two. 

And as of last night, Precious Paula Nicole walks out the runway in a striking red corset ensemble, a rather up-to-date look with the sudden rise of corsets with a touch of daring flair. It’s safe to say that we’re on the lookout for a modern rendition of sultry extravagance from Precious Paula Nicole in the next episode.


Her Drag Race journey started rocky, but she rose up the ranks with a bang. Though she faced criticism at the beginning of the competition, Xilhouete gracefully embraced her high glamour-goth style beautifully with her black dominatrix ensemble. 

A signature style Xilhouette established since the start, we can either expect a similar look or a sudden twist to prove her versatility in fashion.

Eva Le Queen

It has been a steady race for Eva Le Queen as she lands a continuous spot at the top ranks. With an eye for anything whimsical, it was no shocker to see her interpretation of the Evil Queen in the recent episode with her black dress decorated with gold armor-like embellishments—a rather strong look that delivers her drive to fight for her spot. 

It’s a narrative that Eva Le Queen has been constant with, and we are excited to see her next interpretation of the fantastical. 

Marina Summers

A crowd-favorite and the leading woman of the race. She is quite indispensable with her wins despite the negative criticism she faced during her Drag Race journey. Her daring side continues to surprise the audience as she brings forth looks that showcases her creativity and range, and her latest ensemble was nothing short of ethereal as she opted to go golden. 

The contestant that is full of surprises, it’s only fitting to say that we’re expecting a show-stopping ensemble with the perfect touch of extravagance on Marina Summers. 

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