The First ‘Deleter’ Teaser Will Have You Wanting More

The First ‘Deleter’ Teaser Will Have You Wanting More


Mikhail Red‘s newest movie starring Nadine Lustre tackles how content moderation pushes you to test what your mind can handle.

Our first response to seeing anything that triggers us is to report it. It’s easy, the reporting that we do. But have we ever wondered what happens after we report it? Who determines if the post should stay or go? If we can’t handle seeing those posts, then how can they? How far can they do it without getting affected? What happens when they do?

Deleter‘s narrative attempts to answer some of these questions through the character of Lyra (Nadine Lustre), who works as a content moderator. A tragedy happens that ensues a series of new things that Lyra sees, coinciding with the effects of her personal life and as a “deleter” of content.

According to some netizens and fans, the inspiration of the movie could be from the 2018 documentary entitled The Cleaners. The docufilm is about the ins and outs of digital cleaning.

The techno-horror movie also stars Louise Delos Reyes and McCoy De Leon alongside Lustre. Deleter is written by both Mikhail and Nikolas Red, and is coming to cinemas soon.

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