The First Flower Oil-Infused Lipstick Is What You Need To Add In Your Beauty Kit Now

The First Flower Oil-Infused Lipstick Is What You Need To Add In Your Beauty Kit Now


Harnessing the spirit of beauty and the power of color and creativity, Rouge Dior evokes on a new chapter as they move into the territory of care.

“After woman, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given to the world,” says Christian Dior in The Little Dictionary of Fashion, 1954. This is perhaps when and how flowers and gardens began to take a significant place in every curation for Christian Dior. Persisting even to today, the brand continues to be inspired by the fantasy of florals as it introduces the new Rouge Dior Ultra Care lipstick, the first flower-oil infused lipstick built with petal-soft shades, new care ingredients, and floral impetus that blossoms at its very heart.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care

Gently providing incredible sensation after every glide, the Rouge Dior Ultra Care lipstick gives an extra dose of care and garden of soft colors with a luminous matte and pearly finish that still lasts for 12 hours. The lip care starts from the white Christian Dior logo meticulously imprinted on the heart of the stick. Each product is infused with 100% natural cameline oil, rich in essential fatty acids and double concentration of a “derivative” of jojoba oil extract to keep the lips hydrated and moisturized.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care lipstick

In another bucolic mood of colors, the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid has an airy, weightless, and velvety mousse-like formula that comes with a micro-flocked petal shape applicator for a soft and precise layer. Dior’s liquid lipstick is also infused with cameline and sweet almond oils coupled with shea butter that even went through cold fabrication method.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid

From shades of charmingly piquant reds to blooming rosewoods and fresh pastels in its natural and couture color palette, each Rouge Dior has a “mewy” (matte and dewy) finish in matte or luminous satin. The pearly white ‘CD’ on top of each Rouge Dior illuminates the range with its micro-shimmer.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care

Giving life to this incandescent release, there goes Natalie Portman revealing her soft, intimate, and sensual side as she projects her natural grace and effortlessly fierce demeanor while wearing her vibrant red sweater and the ever commanding Rouge Dior.

Watch Natalie Portman’s Rouge Dior Ultra Care video here

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