The Future Miss Universe: Kendra Kramer and Catriona Gray Meet for the First Time

The Future Miss Universe: Kendra Kramer and Catriona Gray Meet for the First Time


In a moment of beauty and regality, Catriona Gray and Kendra Kramer finally meet

From the moment Kendra Kramer stepped into her teenage years, fans couldn’t resist comparing her to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. The long-anticipated interaction between the two finally turned into reality, and Kendra’s undeniable joy upon meeting the beauty queen was truly heartwarming. Here are a few compelling reasons why witnessing this anticipated encounter brought immense delight: 

A twinning moment

At the heart of the frequent comparisons lies a parallelism between these two women, characterized by an uncanny resemblance that extends from their soft facial features to their tall stature. This is certainly evident from the comments left by fans on Kendra’s post. The comments stated that it looked as if Catriona was talking to a younger version of herself. Further solidifying the sentiment of Kendra’s father, Doug Kramer, on their resemblance, “You guys look like sisters.”

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Kendra’s crowning thoughts

During an interview in May, Kendra tackled the recurring remark that often labels her as the prospective successor to Catriona, coupled with the persistent encouragement for her to venture into pageantry. Despite lingering uncertainty about embracing the pageant world, the budding star conveyed her gratitude for being likened to the former beauty queen. She further emphasized that if God instills in her the desire to explore and participate in pageantry, she will wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity.

Regal inspirations

Catriona took to Instagram to share Kendra’s post, expressing her appreciation for the young star’s sweetness. In a poignant comment that resonates with our collective aspiration for her potential journey to becoming a future Miss Universe, Kendra posted a photo of herself with the beauty queen in her story, accompanied by the caption, “What a dream!”

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