The Ghost Month Is Upon Us! Here's What Not To Do During This Period

The Ghost Month Is Upon Us! Here's What Not To Do During This Period


Better be safe than sorry!

As the first week of August approaches, we look forward to the third quarter of the year—including National Holidays and long weekends, of course.

However, for both the Feng Shui-inclined and those who are not, the Ghost Month is something to be very wary of. The Ghost Month happens on the 7th month of the lunar calendar, starting from August 22 until September 19.  According to traditional Chinese belief, this period is when the gates of hell are opened for the ghosts to wander the earth, hungry for food and disaster. 

If you plan on avoiding bad luck and possible mishaps—and you should—it’s best to avoid the following to not annoy our ghastly visitors.

Traveling long distances

If you’rer planning a major outing within the duration of the ghost month, it’s best to postpone that trip. Disasters are more likely to happen with hungry spirits on the loose if you are not careful. Avoid swimming or taking a dip, especially at night; spirits hang out more in the waters. If you do swim, just remember to jump out of the water just before the sun sets.
Staying out late
As these spirits are much stronger in the evenings, avoid overtime work. It’s also a good idea to minimize going out at night and partying, lest a vengeful ghost follow you on your way home.
Holding significant occasions 
Weddings/engagements, birthday celebrations, baptisms and other meaningful events are not ideal during the Ghost Month. You may not realize a ghost partaking in your special day, bringing bad luck and curses instead of good tidings. 
Wearing black and red
Spirits have a penchant for certain colors, and as you may have guessed, the colors black and red stands out the most to them. Avoiding these colors is not limited to clothing alone. Curtains, bed sheets, and even wallpapers will be taken as a form of invitation by evil spirits. 
Starting/acquiring major changes in your life
New beginnings are always good and refreshing, although starting a new business, building a new house, or buying a new car could be an opportunity for disaster during the Ghost Month. Kicking off your new business will only bring misfortune from the negative energies, and buying a new car will only bring a curse as it will incur the jealousy of the spirits.
Talking about ghosts
The paranormal is always an entertaining subject to talk about with your friends but never in the ghost month. The spirits will take it as a challenge and will find ways to provoke us, the challengers.
Killing insects
The next time you see a moth flying inside your room, take into consideration that this little creature might be a reincarnation of a spirit. Killing it will possibly anger the ghosts, and you wouldn’t want them to wreak havoc in your home now, would you.

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