The Go-To Wine Pairings To Enjoy At Home With H&T Wine Gallery

The Go-To Wine Pairings To Enjoy At Home With H&T Wine Gallery


Swirl, sniff, sip, and savor—a good glass of red or white is good company to have during time spent at home. Without guidance from a restaurant’s sommelier to suggest a wine pairing, H&T Wine Gallery saves the day by offering curated savors and wines with their online platform.

With the time spent cooped inside, we can often find ourselves saying “time for a drink” to help take the edge off. Enjoyed alone or with company, wine never fails to make food taste better and conversations much more enjoyable. But even someone who knows the white wine goes well with fish and red wine with red meat—trying to find a bottle to match a meal and the night’s mood is still a predicament one can still face.

That’s why when Happy Andrada-Gras and Tanguy Gras’ passion for art, wine, and food came together through H&T Wine Gallery, an online platform that offers selected delectable deli items and wines, that can be delivered right to our doorsteps, all of the wine-buying stress vanished.

The online wine gallery shows what happens when a fashion designer and a hotelier wine expert fall in love. Their site is equally artsy, crafted with style and elegance to share their love for a remarkable wine experience.

So, grab a glass and pop open a bottle, here are some H&T’s tips on a great wine pairing:

This is also seen in their indulgent boxes that are curated for each specific wine experience:

The All By Myself Box is for those who love quality alone time.

A bottle of fruity and rich Clarendelle rouge is a favorite. It comes with a Père Toinou Camembert, a cheese that has sweet hints of caramelized butter with a tangy finish. It also includes Blueberry Sichuan pepper jam to go with the freshly baked half poppy seeds baguette bread. But if you’re more of a savory fan, they offer a variation with Chorizo Pamplona instead of the cheese.

 If not for a complex red, a creamy, effervescent, and light white wine is evenly delicious. It goes best with Majorero cheese from Spain that’s has a slightly acidic and nutty taste.


The Movies, Tapas, & Sangria Night Box is perfect to share with your loved ones during a bonding night over movies or series.

It includes a bottle of Lolea red or white sangria and Manchego cheese. To balance it out, savory cuts of Aire Sano-Jamón de Teruel and Gran Reserva. Don’t forget to serve it with a side Serpis pitted olives, peach rosemary jam, and baguette bread.

Other variations of their indulgent box are The Lumpfish Roe and Sparkling Wine box if you want to recreate that fancy restaurant feeling; The Great Rustic box with cheeses, cold cuts, and wine that makes for a causal night of catching-up with friends; and for those at-home date nights, make it extra special with their impressive Date Night box.

They also offer catering services for all types of celebrations while their YouTube Channel has monthly wine and cheese classes. In addition to that, tasting packages and wine reviews are also available that any wine-lover will surely appreciate.

All wines, delis and indulgent boxes are available at For latest updates, follow H&T Gallery on Instagram @ht_winegallery.


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