The Golden Rules To An Age-Defying Lifestyle

The Golden Rules To An Age-Defying Lifestyle


Filipinos are blessed with the power of youth. We became the possessors of the answer to the secret of looking young.

Growing up, looking young was a constant bother. We had to present an ID each time we enter a bar and people wouldn’t take us seriously because we didn’t look mature enough. But as an adult, managing to look the same and defying the rules of aging became something many people envy. However, even as Filipinas who age gracefully, we must not take this for granted. We’re lucky enough that we look younger than most, but we’re still not exempted from skin wrinkles, fine lines and sagging.

You don’t have to go through great lengths and search for the fountain of youth to look timeless. Especially nowadays, where visiting your favorite skincare clinic and dermatologist isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are still simple lifestyle changes that you can make to fight against the cruel hands of time.

Here are the golden rules to follow when battling the signs of aging:

Rule #1: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It cannot be stressed enough how water is important in living a healthy lifestyle and moisturizing is to achieve younger-looking skin. As we grow older, our skin and body’s water retention also lessen. In the aging process, the dehydration can result in our skin losing its elasticity, making it prone to fine lines and sagging. Water also helps our skin’s natural barrier to heal faster and boost cell turnover that’s responsible for plump skin.

Avoid drinking water only when you’re thirsty because that means you’re already dehydrated. Always keep a water tumbler nearby to help achieve the suggested 8 glasses a day to help rid the body and skin of toxins. Never skip on moisturizer during your skincare routine and use a product that contains hyaluronic acid which brings moisture to the surface of the skin.


Rule #2: Invest in Top – Quality Skincare

Makeup trends constantly change but one thing that never goes out of style is beautiful skin. If you’re splurging on high-quality make-up that’s washed off by the end of the day, why not invest in skincare that gives you healthy skin even as time goes by. It can be heartbreaking when a product comes with a hefty price tag, but nothing compares when the results prove that the value was worth it.

Serums specifically are great products to invest your skincare budget in. Serums are formulated to target specific skincare needs. They perform more than any other product because they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients.

One example of a serum that’s worth the investment is La Prarie’s new gravity-defying serum  Skin Caviar Liquid Lift. Their new serum is primarily made with two caviar ingredients namely, Caviar Premier that helps lift, and Caviar Absolute that is responsible for plumping the skin. It is then enhanced with their Exclusive Cellular Complex, a patented formulation that helps rejuvenate the skin. Their chrome pump diffuses the perfect dose of the silky serum that melts into the skin and leaves you with the signature tensing sensation. Instantly, the skin feels tight and glowing, making you feel and look like you time-traveled back to your younger years. With continuous use, the skin’s elasticity is enhanced and fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably reduced.


Rule # 3: Pay Attention To Your Body

Remember, aging isn’t only visible on the face, but on the other parts of the body as well. When pursuing the goal of looking youthful, take the time to take care of your neck, hands, and décolletage as well. Treat all of these zones carefully by indulging in a body mask once in a while, and moisturizing them with a hydrating lotion. Make your money’s worth when it comes to your skincare by applying products up to the neck and décolletage then spread the remaining on your hands. Be gentle and avoid unnecessary rubbing of the skin by switching to silk bedsheets and gently blotting to dry after washing the face or body.


Rule #4:  Acceptance and Positivity

There can be a struggle when it comes to accepting aging. Most of us can experience a crisis when growing older because of the sudden realization that there is no turning back of time. Looking at the mirror and seeing the visible signs that our skin and body isn’t what it used to be can make us feel bad about ourselves. However, aging doesn’t have to be that scary. We can still stay fresh and young even when the number goes higher and the strands of grey hair starts to appear. We must remember that beauty isn’t defined by the state of a person’s skin or body but rather how one chooses to treat itself.  The true secret to living an age-defying lifestyle is by maintaining a healthy and positive mindset that transcends into living a vibrant, active, and beautiful life.


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