The Great Effervescence: Lemeur & Co. President Mae Ng Turns Superficial Beauty into a Profound Glamour

The Great Effervescence: Lemeur & Co. President Mae Ng Turns Superficial Beauty into a Profound Glamour


This a Filipino-Singaporean beauty advocate cultivates a culture of growth and self-reformation, as she makes the luxury of beauty accessible to the Filipinos

When it comes to our bodies, we consider our health as the maximum priority. We eat nutritious food, we go to the doctor when we feel sick, and we make sure every part of our body is in working condition, so we can be regarded as a person in good health. Yet, when it comes to our skin, everything’s a luxury. Our regular visits to the spa and dermatologists for professional treatments are seen as merely a superficial splurge, rather than caring for the largest organ of the body: the skin. “Beauty is really something that is neglected by a lot of people,” Mae Ng, founder of Le Meur Aesthetics, tells MEGA. “Somehow, they forget that it is a necessity.”

Without a doubt, caring for ourselves has a price tag, just like the other healthy things we do for the rest of ourselves. It is for this reason that Mae Ng, together with her team at Le Meur Aesthetics, aims to bring the luxury of beauty closer to the Filipinos. 

Taking the road less travelled

As early as fifteen years old, Mae Ng has already developed a liking for skincare products and beauty brands. With the products’ high-end packaging and ingredients that were exclusively exported from different parts of the world, young Mae was enticed into buying state-of-the-art skincare lines and happily using them on her skin. 

Dress and cape by CAROLINA HERRERA; Accessories by TESSERA

However, living in a society where discussions surrounding money and beauty treat skin care as some foolish hobby that people should just give up without hesitation, the prying eyes plagued Mae. She recalls that growing up, her decisions to improve her skin health were often frowned upon. “I had friends who would always ask me why I spend so much on my skin and waste so much money on beauty products,” she discloses.

Sowing seeds of confidence

What her peers probably didn’t realize back then was that Mae was only taking care of her mental health by taking care of her appearance. She saw beauty as a health investment that follows a domino effect in building one’s character morale. To her, self-care translates into feeling good about yourself, thus, empowering you to do more and achieve more in life.

Kaftan dress and jacket by CAROLINA HERRERA; Accessories by TESSERA

“Beauty is not a matter of how much you can afford. It’s a matter of how much you want to improve yourself.”

Mae Ng on adding skin care to one’s health priorities

“I think we should raise awareness on that, not just for women but also for men,” she emphasizes. “It’s not wrong to take care of yourself, and spend money on a few trips to the clinic for facial and full body treatments.” 

Hence, the Le Meur Aesthetics. The clinic was born out of Mae’s frustrations about other people’s insistent demands on making “more responsible” purchases other than one’s looks. It was a decision that allowed her to empower men and women—herself included—to unapologetically experience the luxury of beauty.

Redefining luxury beauty experience

Through Le Meur Aesthetics, the beauty brand president wishes to break the stigma on beauty spending, and destroy the belief that investing on skincare is selfish and vain. “It doesn’t have to be an option because you think you don’t have the budget for it,” Mae shares. “At Le Meur, we bring self-care closer to you, regardless if you’re a six-digit or a five-digit monthly wager.”

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“We’re doing away with the misconception that caring for your skin should come in hefty price tags… Because money shouldn’t be a hindrance to being the best version of yourself. After all, your skin deserves as much caring as the rest of your body parts do,” Mae Ng further adds.

“[Wellness] begins at the skin. Once you start taking care of it, everything else will follow.”

Mae Ng, President of LeMeur OPC, Founder of Le Meur Aesthetics

All things considered, Mae Ng is positive that in a few years’ time, people will be more knowledgeable about beauty being something that makes us feel like the healthiest and best versions of ourselves. “There will be an increased awareness and acceptance of different aesthetic approaches, machines, and treatments,” Mae acknowledges. “That’s why in Le Meur Aesthetics, not only do we invest in the latest technology, but we also get the best people that will take care of our clients like how our brand takes care of the skin.”

Faux feather dress by DEBBIE CO; Accessories by TESSERA

Le Meur Aesthetics is a skin care and beauty line that uses French technology to help you find confidence in your own skin. For more information, visit the LeMeur website.

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