The Korean Stars That Should Wear Filipino-Made Designs For the Asia Artist Awards

The Korean Stars That Should Wear Filipino-Made Designs For the Asia Artist Awards


The Asia Artist Awards 2023 is happening tomorrow, and we listed down seven Korean personalities that we would want to see wearing pieces made by Filipino designers

After months of waiting, the Asia Artist Awards 2023 is finally commencing tomorrow in the afternoon at the Philippine Arena. Several fans have been waiting for this musch-awaited event since it’s the first time the country will be hosting the grand affair; not to mention that many Korean personalities will make an appearance at the red carpet. 

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That being said, it’s only fitting to envision these artists in creations made by local designers—wishful thinking that we’ll entertain while they’re here. So from established labels to young creatives, we paired these Korean stars with Filipino designers whose designs match their personality and aesthetics.

Wonyoung in Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff is known for her timeless romantic designs, making it an ideal fit for Wonyoung’s natural charm and delicate aura. The designer’s favored use of neutral tones, soft silhouettes, and light fabrics complements the 19 year-old singer’s petite and slender frame, and it will definitely elevate her famous aegyo.  

Wonyoung IVE
Photo: WONYOUNG (via Instagram)
Vania Romoff
Photo: VANIA ROMOFF (via Instagram)
Vania Romoff
Photo: VANIA ROMOFF (via Instagram)

NewJeans in Cheetah Rivera

Bold, playful, and unapoletically feminine there’s no one else better to translate this into clothing than Cheetah Rivera herself. Vivid colors and unconventional silhouettes are often done by the designer—giving femininity a fresh new look. Hence, the pairing with NewJeans since they are known for their daring but youthful style. 

Photo: NEWJEANS (via Instagram)
Cheetah Rivera
Photo: CHEETAH RIVERA (via Instagram)

Le Sserafim in Martin Bautista

Since this K-Pop girl group is more known for their edgy aesthetic, we would love to see them in Martin Bautista’s alluring and dynamic designs. He frequently experiments with unconventional forms and elevates it with his use in pattern and texture—a fitting match with Le Ssarafim’s versatile style.  

Le Sserafim
Photo: LE SSERAFIM (via Instagram)
Martin Bautista
Photo: MARTIN BAUTISTA (via Instagram)
Martin Bautista
Photo: MARTIN BAUTISTA (via Instagram)

Moon Ga Young in Mark Bumgarner

The 27-year-old actress often goes for ensembles that are effortlessly elegant for social events. This is why we matched her with Mark Bumgarner. The designer is a go-to in the local fashion scene if you want to look sophisticated and regal in a modern way, and we see that in how he gracefully constructs his fabrics and his choice of forms in his designs. 

Moon Ga Young
Photo: MOON GA YOUNG (via Instagram)
Mark Bumgarner
Photo: MARK BUMGARNER (via Instagram)

ITZY in Jaz Cerezo

Much like Le Sserafim, Itzy would usually opt for edgy styles but it’s done in a darker and mature aesthetic—a look that is up to par with Jaz Cerezo’s creations. She would often make use of classic silhouettes which would be elevated with subtle details as seen on the statement appliques and draping techniques she has on her designs. 

Photo: ITZY (via Instagram)
Jaz Cerezo

BSS in Renz Reyes

From time to time, this sub-unit of SEVENTEEN would opt for a dynamic style when they would do their own promotions. From patterned suits to bright hued coordinates, the trio is quite flexible when it comes to their wardrobe, and it would go well with Renz Reyes’ designs specifically his signature deconstructed denim pieces.

Photo: BOO SEUNGKWAN (via Instagram)
Renz Reyes
Photo: RENZ REYES (via Instagram)

Ahn Hyo Seop in Nicolo Perez

We’re giving the 28-year-old actor a laid-back outfit this time around because of his relaxed nature. Although Nicolo Perez is known for his playful patterns across button-downs, when it comes to semi-formal wear, the designer balances it with a monochromatic color palette—a look we’d want to see Ahn Hyo Seop in. 

Ahn Hyo Seop
Photo: AHN HYO SEOP (via Instagram)
Nicolo Perez
Photo: NICOLO PEREZ (via Instagram)

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