The Local Influencers That are Major Couple Goals Because of Their Style

The Local Influencers That are Major Couple Goals Because of Their Style


If you want to give your relationship a stylish upgrade, you can check out these local influencers who have mastered couple dressing

You have to admit that at one point in your relationship, you wanted to take things up a notch with your partner when it comes to both of your styles. Besides the fact that it looks aesthetically pleasing, it’s also a cute way of expressing your appreciation towards each other through fashion. We see this with celebrities, and most especially, influencers nowadays. That is why it’s only fitting for us to make a quick list of influencers that give major couple goals because of their style.

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Rei Germar and Miguel Romulo

From their travel outfits to quirky shoots, this couple likes to go get playful with their style. It’s not your usual patching outfits because you can still see how their fashion differs from each other. Rei keeps it within the vibes of Y2K, while Miguel often goes for a relaxed ensemble with a rugged touch. 

Photo: REI GERMAR (via Instagram)

Rhea Bue and Jeff Ong

If we’re talking about fashion versatility, then Rhea Bue and Jeff Ong have got this down to the tee. The couple can go from clean and sleek, to quirky contemporary if it’s fitting for the place they’re going to for the day. 

Photo: RHEA BUE (via Instagram)

Angelique Manto and David Guison

When it comes to translating edgy to any ensemble, trust that Angelique Manto and David Guison can do it anyday and anywhere. These two perfected their style that complements both of them, yet still speaks for them individually—we’re going to have to applaud them for this. 

Photo: ANGELIQUE MANTO (via Instagram)

Ida Anduyan and Miguel Wycoco

Let’s just say that this style is a mix of all things contemporary and street. It’s quite impressive how they were able to curate their own DNA in fashion, because honestly, their way of styling themselves is not easy to recreate if you don’t know your way around dressing up.

Photo: IDA ANDUYAN (via Instagram)

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