The Longevity of Daniel Padilla

The Longevity of Daniel Padilla


The box office draw talks about trying to stay tech-free, his hopes for Philippine cinema, and his new project with girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo. Read an excerpt below.

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Padilla remembers the time when showbiz was SHOWBIZ, and not the “viral game” it has become today: “Right now we’re in the digital age. Influencers weren’t a thing when I first became an artista. Social media didn’t have the same leverage back then as it does now. Today, you need to use it for everything— even endorsements.” Padilla admits he’s not really one for social media, but sometimes dabbles in it out of necessity. Instead, he prefers living his life tech-free. He loves to skate, travel, listen to bands, and play basketball, golf, and badminton.

Embracing these hobbies have allowed him to stay sane while living under the spotlight for so long.

“Right now we’re in the digital age. Influencers weren’t a thing when I first became an artista. Social media didn’t have the same leverage back then as it does now.”

Daniel Padilla

While many young stars are often seen at parties or flaunting their newest purchases on Instagram, Padilla is quiet and mostly scandal-free. Perhaps this is where the secret of his longevity lies: He has a way of keeping his personal life out of the limelight (despite a high profile relationship with Kathryn Bernardo), while continuing to produce promising work that always keeps him in the public consciousness. Although he’s only in his mid-20s, he already boasts a career that includes many hit films and television shows, two FAMAS awards, platinum albums, and sold-out concerts. Daniel was also awarded the Box Office Entertainment Award for Box Office King in 2017 (when he was only 22), succeeding showbiz juggernauts like Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz. Fans can soon catch him in a teleserye called 2 Good 2 Be True, which co-stars Kathryn Bernardo. “This show is a nice break [from the realities of the outside world],” he promises. “It’ll make you smile and laugh. It’s very light, and of course, there’s romance.” 2 Good 2 Be True is set to premiere on Filipino TV and Netflix simultaneously this May.

Full suit by PORMAL PH, Printed shirt by PAUL SMITH, Accessories by WHAT DAPPERS WANT

Skating through business  

Like every other person in the world, Padilla struggled during the pandemic. He has been vocal about how business, including his own barbershop (cleverly named Barbero Blues), slowed down during the height of the lockdown. “How could we make money during COVID-19?” he reflects. “We couldn’t force people to go out during that time. There isn’t really anyone to blame. We were all scared to go out, scared to get sick or get someone sick.” Luckily, the business has bounced back since its reopening. Padilla co-owns Barbero Blues with longtime girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo, and says that they have a very good working relationship. When asked how they navigate their personal life with the tensions of running a business, Padilla is quick to say that both of them lack that certain pride or ego that tarnishes professional relationships. In fact, he showers Kathryn with compliments, stating that she is sharp-minded, smart, and is the driving force behind their business.

Full suit by PORMAL PH, Dress shirt by PAUL SMITH, Necktie and tie bar by PAUL SMITH, Earrings by WHAT DAPPERS WANT, Shoes by SAINT LAURENT

Although he’s already running a successful enterprise, Padilla is wary of calling himself a businessman. “I’m more on the creative side. I have a better eye for that than numbers and accounting, which I’m not really good at,” he says with a chuckle. “However, with the right people, I could run a business.” During the pandemic, Padilla further developed his entrepreneurial skills by opening a branch of The Rail in UP Town Center, Quezon City. The famous lifestyle store is a hot spot for niche style lovers looking for cool skate wear or street wear. “We look closely at each piece of clothing,” he says. “We check what brands are hot, or brands that are high-quality but aren’t getting much exposure. That’s what we like to sell in the store.” Padilla admits that even before he opened a branch, he was already a big fan of The Rail. He says that he frequented the original shops because they were the only place that carried classic skate brands.

Leather jacket by SAINT LAURENT, White shirt by ZARA, Pants by ZARA, Accessories by WHAT DAPPERS WANT

Padilla is no stranger to the fashion world. In fact, his Instagram is filled with photographs showcasing his precise style. He’s less concerned about following trends, and is happy to march to the beat of his own drum. He shares that his personal style echoes the things he likes. For instance, because of his affinity with anime, he leans toward Japanese streetwear brands. Padilla is also a skater, so he seeks out cool pieces that highlight “the skate lifestyle.” What does he not like? The “hypebeast” culture. “If I were to wear something ‘hyped,’ it would be as simple or as small as a hat. But I’m not a ‘hypebeast,’ and I’d never wear those pieces all at once.” His branch of The Rail is a true reflection of what he likes or leans toward. The clothes they sell are sleek, simple, functional, and above all, stylish.

Editor’s note: The original interview has been translated from Tagalog to English. 

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