The Louis Vuitton GO-14 Returns With A New Feature—The Malletage

The Louis Vuitton GO-14 Returns With A New Feature—The Malletage

Coded Ghesquière October 2014, the Louis Vuitton GO-14 centers on one of the creative visionary’s first-ever designs

A designer’s inspiration, a trunk-maker’s secrets, an artisan’s ingenuity—the Louis Vuitton GO-14 is both a commencement and a culmination.

Being an initiatory bag as one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s first designs, its coded name is Ghesquière October 2014, the date it first appeared on the runway for the debut of the Women’s Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton. Now, the piece is re-emerging in 2023 in full spirit with a unique characteristic: malletage.

The malletage brings in the spirit of historical trunk-making. Refined criss-crossing pattern pads the insides of trunks, with the galon trim a simple ingenuity that kept documents in their place regardless of the twists and turns of traveling. Nicolas Ghesquière rediscovered this Louis Vuitton innovation and featured it in his first collection, reawakening and revealing this invisible luxury. 

The malletage becomes the defining motif of the Louis Vuitton GO-14

Today, the GO-14 is a generous, sensual padded lambskin bag. It is covered in this bouncy, infinitely soft malletage with overstitching highlighting the design’s curves and cushiony feel. It comes in every shade, from the starkest black and white to the diluted, nuanced, toasted shades that reveal the subtleties of its texture.

Proving the versatility of the bag, it can be worn in different ways to match every woman’s mood: on or over the shoulder with its new jewel chain as supple as a gold necklace, and on the arm or handheld, as the chain can also be doubled thanks to a brand new groove system. 

Requiring more than 20 steps in its creation, the revival of this historic piece is an epitome of heritage and artisanship

The GO-14 is a feat of skill and the epitome of thriving heritage. The creative process requires more than 20 different steps, including the utmost meticulousness on the patina to ensure a satin or toasted finish and to perfect the color’s subtle gradations.

A highly precise technique for depositing the 17-meter-long trim is also needed for the rounded malletage of each piece. A more complex savoir-faire than for traditional quilting is also paramount. GO-14’s perfect harmonies resonate with all the expertise of Louis Vuitton’s ateliers.

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