The Makeup Artists Of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary Issue Are Loving Local Beauty

The Makeup Artists Of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary Issue Are Loving Local Beauty


The most influential makeup artists in the Philippines prove that the local beauty scene is worthy of international recognition. 

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The hands behind the looks and the characters we see on the glossy pages of MEGA are makeup artists who are devoted to coloring the world a little brighter each day. They are the ones who remind us that that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful and that beauty is the ultimate form of self-expression.

In the MEGA 30th Anniversary issue, we highlight the makeup artists who have not only gained a new kind of influence by being trendsetters, but who are also using their platform to advocate for the local beauty scene.

Albert Kurniawan

The makeup artist to industry royalty, Albert Kurniawan is the expert in creating mesmerizing and captivating looks. Growing up in Indonesia and Singapore, he originally studied to become a fashion and interior designer. But he found himself falling in love with how makeup can transform a woman with confidence when he visited the Philippines. 

Since then, he has one main goal with his craft: to help women live beautifully authentic. He presents this in his editorial “Celestial Rhapsody” by painting the divine feminine with gilded skin, crowning braids, and whimsical hues that harmoniously co-exist.

Xeng Zulueta

Xeng Zulueta is a creative force to be reckoned with. Aside from her vast experience in the industry, she has an innate talent to marry beauty into art. The looks she creates are creative, painterly-like, high fashion, and it’s almost hard to believe that it’s done by makeup. 

However, what makes Zulueta constantly evolve with her art is her fondness for collaboration. With the editorial titled “And They Became Water”, she works with Ryuji Shiomitsu and Aya Cabauatan to show the creative chemistry that flows and thrives within the Filipino community. 

Raffy So

A prominent rising makeup artist, Raffy So has been making waves in the beauty community for his constant effort to discover new local brands that he can support. With most of his muses being proud morenas including Nadine Lustre, he also takes utmost importance to highlight their skin tone. 

For his editorial “Alamat ni Maria Makiling”, he used all local beauty products to inspire people to start using more local brands as they continue to innovate and cater to Filipino beauty.

Discover more about these Filipino makeup artists in MEGA’s Anniversary 2021 issue now available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio.

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