The Recent MEGA Ball Got These Influencers Rocking Glam Looks

The Recent MEGA Ball Got These Influencers Rocking Glam Looks


Y.O.U Beauty made everything easier for content creators Jessica Yang, Janeena Chan, and Jaz Reyes as they went all out for this year’s The MEGA Ball

The comeback everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. The MEGA Ball: A New Era was the magazine’s official resurgence to the party scene not just to commemorate the country’s 124th year of independence, but also to give honor to our well-deserved Pinoy Pride winners. However, a grand event such as this one wouldn’t have been complete without the incredible effort that every single guest and their team put out just to achieve their own interpretations of this year’s theme, Glam Rock: A Performance of Style. Even model Jessica Yang, host Janeena Chan, and digital creator Jaz Reyes gave us a peek into how they got ready for the night and how they ended it, all with skincare and makeup brand Y.O.U Beauty by their side.

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Immense preparation is key for anyone who was invited to The MEGA Ball. Jessica Yang even went so far as to embody Cassie Howard from Euphoria as she showed us how she got glammed up with different Y.O.U Beauty products. Starting with a relaxing bubble bath, Jessica eventually worked on her skincare routine with the brand’s Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum that intensified her radiant-looking complexion through the combination of Snow Mushroom, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C. This was followed by the Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum to ensure her skin barrier stayed strong throughout the night. Once her skin was ready to go, she didn’t forget to apply their brow product that’s quick-setting and lasts for as long as 12 hours, and even topped off her prep with the Rouge Velvet Lip Cream for a pop of color.

Meanwhile, Janeena Chan, who attended her fourth MEGA Ball last Sunday decided to share with us one of the makeup looks she was considering for the event—one that’s easily achievable and can be done by a makeup pro or beginner! Apart from using the Y.O.U Beauty Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum and Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum as well, she went ahead with the highly pigmented Colorland Wander Nature Eyeshadow Palette packed with 15 Earth-toned shades that can work on various skin tones. This palette gave her lids a blinding shimmer above a light mix of a few mattes with nude and pink hues. After adding a wicked liner, she finished up this makeup look with a somewhat dark nude shade of the brand’s Rouge Velvet Lip Cream that’s infused with Vitamin E for a whole lot of moisture.

After every event comes the heartbreaking yet must-do responsibility to not sleep with our makeup on, and Jaz Reyes is completely aware of that. Once she arrived home from The MEGA Ball, she gave us all a preview of her post-event ritual that consisted of removing her makeup with a cleansing balm to get ready for bed. After cleansing, she revived her skin with the Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum, which hydrates it and maintains its elasticity, before moving on to the Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum that rejuvenates the skin and restores its protective function. Once everything had been applied and she was ready to hit the hay, Jaz greeted everyone a good night before giving us all a teaser for future updates on how Y.O.U Beauty revitalizes her skin after every glam-filled event.

Just because these influencers achieved their own interpretations of this year’s The MEGA Ball theme from start to finish with ease, it doesn’t mean you can’t. Add to cart the same products they used by visiting Y.O.U Beauty on Shopee or Lazada. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to know more.


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