The Music Industry’s Biggest Names Join Forces For Billboard Philippines

The Music Industry’s Biggest Names Join Forces For Billboard Philippines


The stage is set and the spotlight awaits—meet Billboard Philippines’ lineup of notable artists and creative minds ready to redefine the music scene

The arrival of the powerhouse of music is finally closer than ever—Billboard Philippines, the country’s premier music publication. The title’s vision is crystal clear: to launch the vibrant energy and soul of Filipino music into the blazing limelight. It’s a mission of passion and pride, fueled by a deep desire to share the raw strength of OPM with the world.

This exciting musical venture is led by accomplished people in the industry, each with their own distinctive sound and style. These artists are eager to rise to the occasion and pave the way for Filipino music to become a global force. But before they take over the country’s music sector, let’s get to know the gentlemen who will be steering Billboard Philippines down its exciting path:

Bret Jackson, Editor-in-Chief
Bret Jackson wearing TOQA and KENZO

Bret Jackson, Editor-in-Chief

Bret Jackson himself will be in charge of this powerful lineup as he’s prepared to take on yet another musical challenge in his new role as Editor-in-Chief of Billboard Philippines. His impressive resume shows that he is more than qualified to usher in a new era for the brand.

Since his early years, music has had a significant impact on Bret’s life. This young visionary has always put himself in situations that highlight not only his vocal abilities, but also his capacity for creative control, such as writing his own songs and founding his own record company.

The gentleman went on to say that he developed a deep love for music, especially OPM, after relocating to the Philippines at the age of 13. He was inspired by the limitless potential of the Filipino artists he worked with, from the city to the provinces.

“Hearing their stories really instilled in me a relentless feeling to want to do more for the people and places I loved. This led to becoming a full-time student of the Filipino music industry.”

Bret feels a strong affinity for Filipino culture and is looking forward to bringing that with him on his new adventure. He foresees an era where every Filipino, no matter where they live in the Philippines or the world, will receive recognition for their exceptional abilities. With Bret’s commitment to the art of music and an innate ability to inspire, a new chapter is set to unfold, promising a captivating symphony for the title.

Francis Reyes, Editor-at-Large

Francis Reyes, Editor-at-Large

Who among us has not heard of the legendary 1990s band, The Dawn? Decades ago, this Filipino rock ensemble took the country by storm with their electrifying music. Now, the group’s guitarist, Francis Reyes, is amplifying his contributions to the music scene to another level. However, he won’t be wielding his guitar strings, but rather his pen, as he assumes the role of Editor-at-Large.

“The Philippine music landscape is healthy and diverse, encompassing countless scenes, communities, tastes, and perspectives. Billboard Philippines will hopefully be able to reflect, report, and create a roadmap of sorts for all audiences—local AND international—as a resource.” 

The OPM legend also expressed his anticipation for the upcoming endeavor, acknowledging that it won’t be a walk in the park. However, with his confidence, he stated his preparedness to confront the obstacles head-on, ensuring that he would give his all to successfully celebrate the victories of Philippine music.

Paolo Valenciano, Executive Producer

Paolo Valenciano, Executive Producer

In an exclusive interview conducted just last month, Paolo Valenciano expressed his excitement as we talked about the variety of thrilling opportunities that lie ahead for him. Little did anyone anticipate that in a mere matter of weeks, he would acquire yet another remarkable accomplishment. With an incredible repertoire of directing shows for prominent artists such as Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo, and Sandara Park, it comes as no surprise that this talented man has been handpicked to grace the esteemed ranks of Billboard Philippines as its Executive Producer. 

“I am so thrilled to be a part of such an iconic brand like Billboard. I’ve always believed that our local acts deserve to be on a global stage and this new era of Billboard Philippines will give our artists even more opportunities to be seen and heard.” 

In addition to his excellent work directing concerts and shows, Paolo recently took on the role of main program director for this year’s GMA Gala, apart from directing the MEGA Ball held just last month. His versatility and expertise in the world of entertainment have definitely solidified his reputation as a sought-after director. His ability to seamlessly navigate between different projects, from concerts to galas, is a clear testament to his skill and passion for his craft.

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Anton Molina, Podcast Producer

Anton Molina, Podcast Producer

Billboard Philippines Podcast Producer Anton Molina brings the show to a close. With his extensive background as a radio host, disc jockey, and head of audio production at one of the country’s largest radio networks, Anton should be able to lead the way in charting an exhilarating course for the title.

“I envision the brand to be a home for the latest in the local music stage and to be a place wherein a lot of fans discover artists or rediscover their love for other artists.”

As the Podcast Producer, he explained that their aim is to broaden the scope of discussions about music. According to Anton, it is important that we do not just provide fans with the latest tunes, but also allow them to delve into the stories that lie behind the lives of their favorite artists. This comment from the creative is a testament that their mission extends far beyond the rhythms that grace our ears; they are dedicated to shining a spotlight on the very hearts and emotions that fuel the music industry.

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