The Must-Know Checklist Before Buying a Preloved Car

The Must-Know Checklist Before Buying a Preloved Car


Looking to score a sweet deal on a secondhand mode of transportation? Here is the lowdown on the things you need to know, straight from auto enthusiast Ramon Bautista

Renowned for his prowess as a writer and actor, Ramon Bautista has also established himself as a connoisseur of all things automotive. To learn more about the subject of acquiring a preloved car, MEGA Man asked the enthusiast for his insights and recommendations. Here is a compilation of crucial factors that one must familiarize themselves with prior to embarking on the search for a secondhand automobile:

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The benefits

Tips on buying a used car in the philippines

When asked about his thoughts on the advantages of buying a secondhand car over a new one, Ramon mentioned “9 out of 10 times, it’s going to be cheaper compared to buying brand new.” He also said that buying a secondhand automobile is ideal if your desired model is no longer produced. 

The pre-purchase inspection

A thorough inspection before buying is crucial. In fact, he recommended doing some homework on the vehicle you plan to buy to see whether any known issues are commonplace before you make the purchase. 

Tips on buying a used car in the philippines

He recommends starting with the car’s appearance. Even though the paint’s smoothness and sheen can be easily restored, he insists that the outside appearance of a preloved car is still a reliable indicator of how well the former owner cared for the vehicle. However, Ramon warns that you shouldn’t trust automobiles that are “too clean,” as this minor detail could make you miss the mechanical terror that lies beneath.

The next step is to check the condition of the car’s engine, transmission, brakes, and tires to ensure that it is roadworthy. For optimal efficiency and safety, everything must function.

Tips on buying a used car in the philippines

A test drive is ideal as well. He suggested doing it first thing in the morning while the car is cold so you can see if it fires up and idles smoothly even when iced over. He also mentioned that upon leaving the spot where the car was parked overnight, check for spots of oil leaks.

He emphasized the significance of inspecting the vehicle’s documentation and traffic infraction records of its former owners since they may contain thousands of pesos’ worth of paying fines, on top of any concealed damage or technical issues.

The red flags 

Ramon underlined the need for consumers to be knowledgeable enough to see red flags, which are typically waved by sellers. For example, if the seller starts the car and immediately increases the engine speed, that’s an indicator that he doesn’t take good care of his vehicle.

Tips on buying a used car in the philippines

If the air conditioner isn’t producing cool air and you are told, “kulang lang sa freon,” he said that you should be prepared to spend thousands to replace the air conditioning system.

He additionally suggested inspecting the vehicle’s tires, explaining that if the tires are from different manufacturers and are more than five years old, the owner clearly lacks concern about the automobile or his safety.

Tips on buying a used car in the philippines

A bill of sale, proof of payment, OR/CR, photocopies of previous owner licenses, and certificates that the car was not engaged in any crime or traffic violation are just some of the documents you need to get after buying a second hand vehicle.

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