The Nail Files: The Most-Requested Manicure Designs For October

The Nail Files: The Most-Requested Manicure Designs For October


Malbec reds! Mismatched nails! Patent blacks! It appears that there is a new strategy happening for this month’s manicure choices. Halloween designs included. As for October, it seems, the most on-trend nails are still classic, but in deeper autumnal colors, with a playful take on detailings. Expect to see richer and darker polishes —  inky burgundies, bloody reds, and vampy black hues, being used for everything from a classic flick to artful art. 

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Lily James Red Nails
Photo: LILY JAMES (via Instagram)

October is undeniably an exciting time to experiment with different manicure designs — and as luck would have it, the nail department is never short of options to explore. Below, are three of the most-requested nail trends to inspire your next appointment. 

Make it patent! 

Olivia Rodrigo Patent Leather Nails
Photos: OLIVIA RODRIGO (via Instagram)
Olivia Rodrigo Patent Leather Nails

Patent leather nails remain the perfect cure for mattes — more so, the perfect manicure segue into the spooky season. Think vampy with a hefty dose of chic. Courtesy of its high-volume, black hue with a glossy, patent leather finish, the manicure makes a simple yet excellent color to lend polish to any outfit. Pro tip: Achieving the look is all about the right choice of formula. A combination of a classic cream formula for the polish and a shiny viscous top coat can easily recreate the trend. 

Return of the Reds

Hailey Bieber Red Nails
Photos: HAILEY BIEBER (via Instagram)
Hailey Bieber Red Nails

Red nails are undeniably a timeless manicure choice. But there is something quite special this month that made them more desirable. Popular with Lily James and Hailey Bieber, searches for “red nails” have surged to 1.1 billion views on TikTok. For a classic spin on the look, a lacquered finish on a blood-like red polish works well. Or at the other end of the spectrum, opt for a mismatched red print. 

Mismatched nails 

Mismatched Nails
Photo: IRAM SHELTON (via Instagram)

Mismatched nails certainly show no sign of waning as we head into the last quarter of the year. With an emphasis on autumnal hues, the manicure design makes the perfect seasonal nail refresh. If you’re unsure where to start, reach for neutral tones. Aptly named assorted chocolate nails, it strikes a balance between the ever-popular latte manicure and the milky effect. Characterized by a variety of neutral brown hues, it surely looks as good as it sounds.


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