The New Look Of Streetwear, According To These Style Personalities

The New Look Of Streetwear, According To These Style Personalities


This fashion feature is an excerpt from MEGA’s July 2024


It seems that the ’90s pop and R&B music era is personified by Filipino singer Denise Julia. After stumbling upon the MTV channel on Youtube when she was young—specifically when she watched Beyoncé dance to her hit song “Crazy In Love”—she just fell in love with that pivotal time in music. It was a rabbit hole and she never got out of it. Currently, she reveals that her style is inspired by iconic women in the global music industry: Beyoncé, Doja Cat, and Rihanna. But when it comes to Filipino street style, she has a different vision.

“Jorts!” she jokingly exclaims when asked what’s Filipino street style for her, adding that she’s not really a fan of the jean-shorts trend. “For me, Filipino street style is more about comfort. We’re a really hot country so street style here is whatever will save them from the heat while still looking stylish. Then accessorize it to make it more swaggy!”


Model Onie De Guzman knows that his fashion sensibilities lean towards the more classic looks. These are the closet staples that he plays with when coming up with an outfit.  Although he doesn’t really have a preference when it comes to style, he finds himself going with either a Japanese or Korean aesthetic.
“Filipino streetwear, for me, is a mix of comfort with a pop of color,” the model shares. “The pieces in Filipino fashion retain their stylishness by showing their own originality through accessories—a key point when styled in different ways.”

Here’s a model secret from De Guzman himself: Leather is a classic staple piece that can elevate your look whether in casual occasions or formal events. It’s an absolute need to have at least one piece of leather jacket in your closet because, depending on how you style it, it brings your aesthetic up a notch especially in model castings.


“My personal style is cute, just fun!” Filipino boy group Alamat’s Jao Canlas, more popularly known as Jao, says excitedly. “When I wear colors like pink, it gives me a serotonin boost. I don’t have specific style inspiration. I just really search on the internet “cute outfits” and then I style it in my head, I even create my own mood board! Sometimes when there’s no available stylist, I take up that role for the events that we go to.”

Although he has no fashion experience prior to joining Alamat, Jao can come up with cohesive visions for their group concepts. He specifically names Japanese girl group XG as an example of the colorful, bright, and fun style he fancies. When it comes to Filipino streetwear, he regards it as not having to strip one’s identity for the sake of fashion. He also adds that it’s all about treasuring culture.


If you still haven’t figured out what defines your style, content creator Francheska Lhian feels the same—and she’s okay with it. 

“Up to this point I believe I still haven’t found a certain style I would go for permanently. Right now, I actually think I won’t be sticking to only one specific style. I will always be a sucker for something new. I find beauty and fun in freedom and creativity, and I will always go after that.” 

As for style inspiration, Lhian shares that it can be anyone from anywhere, which is why she often looks at international digital creators for inspiration. But aside from the talented artists she follows, she just usually goes where everybody does: Pinterest. She’s a huge fan of combat, cowboy, and knee high boots as this gives so much character to her outfits, even when she’s in a loose shirt and shorts.


Versatility is model Saint Yves’ secret weapon. He can easily pull off both masculine and feminine style which gives him more wiggle room to explore, experiment, and create. His main aesthetic? The Dsquared2, Diesel, and Blumarine fashion universe—all things street, bold, and edgy.

“Before being a model at 15 years old, I wanted to become a designer. I realized it’s not going to work for me because I don’t know how fabrics work. But, I really love fashion. It’s my purpose in life, so I started modeling last year. What makes me unique as a Gen Z is that the biggest accessory I can wear is my hair. Also, look at these cheekbones!”

For the rookie model, Filipino streetwear is diverse and accessorizing is the ultimate style gamechanger. Glasses, belts, bags, jewelry, and shoes are all key to elevation. So, what’s his idea of the perfect outfit? Platform boots, jeans, and an edgy top and jacket. He’s also a fan of the ’90s sequins, studded trend that channels the style of supermodel Kate Moss and the fashion house of Jean Paul Gaultier. 

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Photographed by GRANT BABIA. Creative Direction by JONES PALTENG. Fashion Direction by RYUJI SHIOMITSU. Art Direction BITHIA REYES. Makeup THAZZIA FALEK (Onie De Guzman), and LIONEL FABROS (Jao Canlas of Alamat). Hair GABRIEL VILLEGAS (Onie De Guzman) and JHED DE LEON (Jao Canlas of Alamat). Sittings Editor MARIAN SAN PEDRO. ​​Special thanks to DAVE CERVANTES of 22 GRAMS, MIKI MICLAT of MERCATOR, JOHN VINCENT SALCEDO of COLUMBIA RECORDS and EVELYN I. MANUEL of VIVA ARTISTS AGENCY INC.

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