The One Fashion Item All Your Favorite Kdrama Stars Own

The One Fashion Item All Your Favorite Kdrama Stars Own


This fashion piece has become a staple in Kdrama female leads.

Korean culture has become deeply engraved in many Filipinos, influencing tastes in food, travel, beauty, fashion, and even ideals. This speaks of South Korea’s successful marketing of their culture through KDramas and KPop. Speaking of beauty and fashion, it seems like they have a category on their own, with Korean actresses and singers being the primary purveyors of K-style.

As the usual plot of KDramas evolve, so is the fashion of the characters in the series. Recently, there’s one fashion piece that has become a staple in almost all the KDramas: the blazer or a suit jacket. Clothes in TV are not randomly chosen for a character just to look good, but fashion choices represent an aspect of their personality or story arc. There’s an obvious transition when it comes to the portrayal of female leads in KDramas: they are more confident, independent, tenacious, and overall powerful than the usual cute, innocent, and damsel-in-distress characters we see in previous dramas. So, the blazer is one of the visual tools to show that confidence, elegance, independence, strength, and power that the females of Korean television possess.

Now that the travel restrictions of pandemic are not as strict as before, and people are starting to go out once again like traveling back to their offices, here are some ideas on how you’ll wear your blazer as seen on your favorite KDrama actresses.

Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo

Jeon Yeo Been’s character, Hong Cha Young, is a fierce lawyer with a quirky personality. So, she doesn’t only want to look professional and expensive, but her outfit must have a touch of uniqueness just like this white pleated lapel jacket from Jaybaek Couture.

Suzy in Start Up

Bae Suzy’s Seo Dal Mi is an aspiring CEO, but since she’s just starting, her outfit is in the middle of where she is now and where she wants to be. That’s why Dal Mi always her go-to uniform is a blazer-jeans combo. A highlight is her Beyane checked woven blazer from Sandro.

Seo Ye Ji in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Seo Ye-Ji as Ko Mun Young always wants to stand out. Aside from her character being a children’s book writer, she also has Antisocial Personality Disorder. It was explained that her over-the-top looks are a defense mechanism or her security blanket. That’s why her blazer is this pastel-colored tweed jacket with matching skirt from Avouavou.

Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing On You

Sometimes you can just drape your jacket over a dress just like Son Ye Jin’s character, Yoon Se Ri. As a CEO in the series, Yoon Se-Ri would always go for posh designer items, just like her Balmain blazer in glitter-grid velvet.

Sooyoung in Run On

Choi Sooyoung as Dan Ah was described as cold and has a splendid career as a director in a large company. Since her character’s a sports agency CEO, she’s always on the go. She always partners her blazer and skirt with sneakers. Here, she wears three exquisite DIOR pieces: a 30 Montaigne bar jacket, a black pleated skirt, and a medium lady D-lite bag.

Park So Dam in Record Of Youth

Park So Dam as Ahn Jeong Ah is an up and coming makeup artist. As a young creative and a dreamer, Jeong-Ah’s looks are chic, yet comfortable. In this look, she wears the Rexy dot shirt from Coach under a wool notched lapel jacket from Time.


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