The One Gift Every Woman Would Love To Get On Valentine’s Day

The One Gift Every Woman Would Love To Get On Valentine’s Day


One of the biggest days in everyone’s social calendar happens to fall on the second week of February. You guessed right, Valentine’s Day is here and the lovestruck community is getting creative with their special V-Day gifts (we’re giving the usual flowers and chocolates a break this year!). Every lady deserves to be royally treated this Happy Heart’s Day with a new definition of a bouquet of roses, and Miss Dior has just the thing! Boyfriends and partners alike, be sure to jot these down if you haven’t gotten your special lady a gift yet.

Give her roses in a bottle!

Beaus and dates listen up! Change it up this year and instead of giving a bouquet of roses, get your girlfriend the most sought out for rose perfume found inside the Dior boutique. Each Miss Dior variant has essences of wild roses giving out a mix of femininity and sensual spirit.

Follow your gut when choosing a scent!

The Miss Dior collection has a wide selection of fragrances to choose from. In every boutique, a perfume funnel is used to give visitors the ability to smell each scent in an olfactory experience. Choose the intensity from the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet for a lighter fragrance and the new Miss Dior Eau De Parfum for a stronger scent.

Visit the animation site and leave a love note!

While purchasing the best Valentine’s Day gift, leave a note in the Miss Dior animation setup wall for your loved one and write down your innermost thoughts on love. Guys and girls who wish to share their story of love can grab a Miss Dior card and scribble their thoughts on the campaign’s main message: And you, what would you do for love?

For more info, contact the Dior Boutique at tel. no. 957-3560 and mobile no. 0906-288-8780.

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