The Party Never Stops At The Palace Through Their Online Show Series

The Party Never Stops At The Palace Through Their Online Show Series


Listen, you don’t have to spend another wine night alone. United at The Palace is producing the third installment to their online show series.

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During the pandemic, social and cultural norms have abruptly been taken away from us. There are no more hangouts, celebrations, parties, and get togethers. In addition to this, we’ve also been stripped away of cultural greetings, such as: the beso and the mano po. As a result, the social and cultural aspect of the Philippines is at a halt for the foreseeable future.

Despite this, many of us have been looking for ways around it. One of the establishments that has done this perfectly is The Palace Manila. Their online series, United At The Palace, has preserved the unique Pinoy night life experience throughout the pandemic. Thus, the party continues through their online raves, EDM live streams, and in-house DJs. Check out what the have in store for us in the following months.

MNL Connection with Mars Miranda

mnl connection, mars miranda

For the month of October, kick it off with MNL Connection’s DJ Mars Miranda feat. Michael Pacquaio and Michael Bars on October 3. Aside from these awesome acts, we’ll be getting beats from Omnibus, Rammy Bitong, and MC Pao.

rammy bitong, palace

Glitch with Martin Pulgar

If you’re missing the October night life scene, then don’t worry. United at The Palace has got you set with a second deck on October 17. Set the bar higher with DJ Martin Pulgar’s Glitch.

the palace, mnl connection

Bim Bam Boom with Ace Ramos

Keep the music pumping on November during The Palace’s Meet Us in Island Springs deck with DJ Marc Naval on the 14th and the Bim Bam Boom party with DJ Ace Ramos on the 28th. As the year caps off, let’s celebrate for making it through during the Savage deck with KatDJ on the 12th of December.

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