‘The Perfect Date’ Made It Possible For Us Not To Like Noah Centineo

‘The Perfect Date’ Made It Possible For Us Not To Like Noah Centineo


Because now we only want and need Brooks Rattigan.

Admittedly, I was never really into Noah Centineo. While I find Mark Ruffalo incredibly attractive, Noah simply wasn’t my type. It must be his support to one of the Paul brothers (don’t really know which one and it doesn’t really matter either). So when I first saw the trailer for ‘The Perfect Date‘, I thought, I don’t really need to watch this. The whole plot was given away already! But in a sudden urge for romantic comedies, I found myself giving in to the temptation and watching it anyway. Watching it, I confirmed I was right. I don’t like Noah Centineo. But Brooks Rattigan? That’s a whole different story.

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If you have seen the film, congratulations, you’ve met Brooks. It is fine if you haven’t, of course; that gives me more chance to tell you why I will choose Brooks Rattigan over Noah Centineo any day.

MEGA | Netflix | 'The Perfect Date' Made It Possible For Us Not To Like Noah Centineo | Celia Lieberman | Laura Marano
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Brooks Any Day

Here’s one reason that’s very obvious even from the trailer itself: Brooks can be anyone we want him to be. He’s a cowboy, a salsa dancer, a practice date for future serious ones—name it; if he hasn’t been it then he can be it. He doesn’t just appear to be in character, he becomes the character. It’s almost like he can be a really good method actor and he should rethink his future. Maybe his star will shine brightly at the heart of Hollywood. Noah Centineo should shake in his boots.

What I admire the most about Brooks is his effort when changing into whichever character his clients wish him to be. The amount of research he has to do just to be this person on for a few hours would make you appreciate him more. His task is no joke—price for a prize that’s also no joke. If you see yourself Yale-bound, there’s really nothing else to do but answer to the call and do whatever it takes to make it.

But “fake it ’til you make it” doesn’t always work for everyone. Faking it only meant wrapping himself up in wax and dressing differently every time. But just like any other coming of age movie, he redeems himself and gets the girl—which girl? You can guess.

MEGA | Netflix | 'The Perfect Date' Made It Possible For Us Not To Like Noah Centineo | Brooks Rattigan | Shelby Pace | Camilla Mendes
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Looking at all the good things about Brooks, it’s not very hard to overlook the bad ones. He didn’t know what Reddit was but it’s okay—apparently not all Ivy League dreamers know it. Contrary to what Celia Lieberman said—”Maybe you should rethink who your role models are.”—I believe he has proven himself to be an innovative entrepreneur as his heroes Musk and Jobs. He could almost be a legend like Jordan.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re Team Noah or Team Brooks (who’s losing anyway). What matters is how ‘The Perfect Date’ complete sold Brooks to me in a way I have not seen Noah before. He’s not the dreamy Peter Kavinsky in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ which is much similar to Jamey from ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’. Brooks Rattigan is different yet he’s just another Centineo character we aspire of dating. He’s somewhat imperfect for someone who stars in a movie called ‘The Perfect Date’. Not to mention, He’s the epitome of a straight man… until he’s not.



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